I am too lame to come up with a title

It was a good weekend.  We got major cleaning done.

Considering my house hasn't been clean since I got sick, it made me giddy.

Jeffrey did most of it, which is probably why I was giddy.  He makes me happy when he cleans for me.

More specifically when he washes the dishes for me.  I hate washing the dishes.

A clean house makes me happy.  It diminishes my stress, and helps me feel like I can actually spend time with my family.

Unfortunately, Jeffrey got sick.  He stayed in bed all day today.  I played with the kids and read a lot of books.

Keith was a monster last week.  So hard to deal with.  He was hitting and yelling, and throwing things.  Very uncharacteristic of him.    I thought about it all week, to figure out what the problem was. 

This morning I unplugged the TV.

Keith tried to turn it on, and couldn't so told me it was broken.  I agreed.

He was wonderful today.  When he had a hard time, he let me hold him and talk to him instead of yelling at me and hitting me.  I also had more patience with him.  We had a lot of fun just playing games and running errands.

I think the TV will be broken tomorrow as well.

Over the weekend I finished a craft I have been working on since November.  I just needed to add the vinyl.  I have never worked with vinyl before.  But I decided to break out the Silhouette and try it anyway.

I LOVE how it turned out!

Next, I think I will work on another blanket.


Susan Anderson said…
Cute plaque!

And that's very interesting about the TV, too. My DIL swears that it makes her kids get out of control as well. It really does seem to hype them up.

Lisa said…
Love the plaque! So cute! And I so agree with the whole dishes thing! What a guy to take on that fun chore for you! :) So sorry he's sick, though!
Heather said…
it is very cute.

glad the broken TV thing seems to be working. unfortunately i don't think rowan would understand that yet....darn it! i am filing that idea away though!

yay for husbands who clean! that is the best.
Laura said…
A clean house makes me giddy too! I wish it happened more often though. :) I like the broken TV thing, I might need to try that. Love the plaque, very cute!
Darlene said…
Great that your husband helped you clean, but sorry that he got sick. Hope he is getting better. That doesn't seem like a very good reward for being such a neat guy to help clean. I love it when my husband, Dick, helps me too. He is so much faster than I that he gets quite a lot done in a small amount of time.

Hey! Turning off the TV was a very good thing to do. I hate what it does to kids. They need to learn to just play. I REALLY dislike it when parents use it as a baby sitter. I know it is hard to just play with them all the time, but they need to increase their imagination and learn to entertain themselves. I had five children and our TV time was limited on purpose. They didn't seem to miss it either.

Hope things keep getting better for you as you deserve it!!
Lourie said…
Will he come over and clean my house?
So beautiful! Chris agrees he gets happy in a clean house too, so I try not to clean it too often as not to diminish his true joy when I finally do clean.

I love the "broken" TV idea! I will have to remember that. I'm such a mean mom, I think Harmon thinks our TV only receives cable news channels and BBC America b/c he never sees anything else during the day. One day when he finds out we had channels that had shows like Elmo or Dora he is going to be VERY angry with me :p
Terra said…
come on over...I am cleaning this weekend. YUCK
Emmy said…
I so wish I was willing to unplug the TV, I have been relying on it too much lately.

Sorry Jeffry got sick

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