I am Sick and Tired...

I caught it.

It being something nasty that has been going around.

Yesterday wasn't so bad.  I had the sore throat, the hurting to swallow bit, but that was all.  And the sun was shining, and the sky was blue and it was warm and there was an incredible wind storm.  All things I love.

However, I was somehow hit by a truck in the night.

Today I am exhausted.  Add to that the cough, sore throat, gray sky, snow covering everything, and cold cold air.

So, to cheer myself up, I close my eyes, and transport myself to our Sunday Walk in the Hollow.  Glorious!

Also, yesterday while bad things were going down, I got a package in the mail from a wonderful friend.  I love friends like that.  Keith was thrilled to open "his presents," and they both enjoyed eating the contents.  Thank you again, my dear friend.  It was appreciated more than you will ever know.

Faye especially liked the Atomic Fireballs.

Add to that an amazing blessing of protection.

I just have to say I am so grateful for blessings.

Yesterday while I was heading out to pick Jeffrey up from work, we had a near death experience.  It was raining and someone decided they would kill for a Big Mac.  And very nearly did.  They pulled right in front of me to turn into McDonald's.  I slammed on the breaks and braced myself.  We slid within inches of running into their car.  Had our car not recently gotten new tires, I am fairly certain we would be without a car, and possibly injured.  Extreme prayers of gratitude were immediately offered.  I am amazed.

Which makes being sick seem like not such a bad thing anymore.


Sami said…
I'm so glad nobody was hurt! Good gravy, people make me nervous.
I LOVE Faye's coat!
Isabel Caroline said…
I hope you are feeling better soon! We got hit with a stomach bug and are slowly digging our way out!
Emmy said…
So glad you didn't get hurt! And what an amazing package! Seriously awesome.

I have had that same cough/sore throat thing on and off since The beginning of January, hope you get better soon.
CB said…
I am so glad you guys were not hurt by the big mac junkie! Very scary.
Hope you feel better soon!
P.S. That picture of Faye at the bottom is a crack up!
Gina said…
So glad you are okay. Lo is down with a fever today and I am trying to ignore my sore throat. Hurry up, Spring!
That looked like an ABSOLUTELY magical walk :) Feel better dear friend and in the mean time glad the kids had something to occupy themselves.
Heidi said…
I'm glad none of you were squished! That would have been super sad news.

I couldn't help but think of certain other persons we know and love who love Atomic Fire Balls, but love watching little Heidis try to eat them even better. Hahaha, she is definitely allowed in the family. :]
Terra said…
Ick on the sick. I think this winter has been especially hard for that! ICK on the near death experience...seriously...people have no brains...now that walk of yours looked fantastic and your package made me jealous. It also got me thinking I need to send someone some cheer. I just might do that.
I am so thankful for your new tires! That is scary, it seems so many other drivers are so careless and in such a hurry.

I hope you are feeling better.
Darlene said…
How scary was that!! I am so glad you had the new tires.
I absolutely loved the pictures of your sweet daughter. Honestly, that was an amazing package your friend sent you.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a few days behind, so am trying to catch up. I enjoyed this one, especially since everything turned out O.K.

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