Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dragon Slayer Part Deux

Keith is being a darling.

An absolute doll.

He is going to make some woman, years (and years and years) in the future very happy.

This whole time I have been sick, he has been waiting on me.  Fluffing my pillow, tucking the blankets around me, and constantly bringing me drinks, telling me, that it will make me feel better.

He is amazing.

I must be doing something right.  That boy makes me happy.  Oh so happy.

The good news is, I am feeling much better.  Not completely, but more.  The coughing is less, the sore throat is less, but the tiredness is absolutely there.  But I did get the bathroom clean, and the living room straightened.  Yay!

But then, of course, I collapsed on the couch.

And the kids went haywire.  Crazy.  Out of their minds bonkers.

The good news is I am thinking tomorrow is going to be the day.

The day I beat the tiredness and stop writing about me and my poor life.  :)

Wish me luck.
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