Dating The Sun

It is winter.

There is something so cozy and wonderful about the cold.

About wrapping a blanket cocoon around yourself.  About drinking hot cocoa while there is a snow storm raging outside.  About going for a walk in the brisk cold and coming back into the warmth with red fingers and nose.   About the way the snow turns to ice on the windows, leaving lovely designs and messages from Jack Frost.  About the comforting way houses glow in the early darkness.  And possibly my favorite, the bewitching reflection of the moon on snow, casting a brightness akin to daylight.

It can be absolutely enchanting.

And as much as I love it, right now I have serious envy for my friends in the warmer states.

Hearing about driving with windows rolled down, seeing pictures of short sleeves, and the sun!  Oh the sun.  How I am missing it.  I feel like we broke up and I am in serious stalker mode, trying to see it (and now, for all intents and purposes the sun will be masculine.  Just play along).  You know, driving past his house, calling and hanging up, facebook stalking.  Anything at all just to feel a closeness with him.  Yup, that is me with the sun right now.

I anticipate the three to four thirty hour as that is when the sun shines directly in through my front window.  I set up camp.  I grab a book, and lay in the sunlight, following it from the beginning small shaft until it is climbing the wall and I can no longer feel its warmth.  During that time, the afternoon stands still as I desperately try to soak up a little vitamin D.  Anything to get just a little of that natural warmth.

Today Keith wanted to go for a walk.  The sun was just beginning its daily visit into my living room, so I thought if we were fast we could go and be back for the climax.  We got bundled up, and ventured out into the cold for a date with Mr. Sun.  It was glorious.  A ten minute walk around the sleepy neighborhood, walking hand in hand with the sunlight on our faces was invigorating.  Before we left I was short tempered.  The children were getting into everything, and I think I used every variation of "no" on the planet.  Every one was grumpy and needing some sort of change.  This is when having two cars could have been a life saver.  This is when having a double stroller and a good pair of legs was a lifesaver.  I hope to be able to make this a habit, weather permitting of course. 
So I guess the moral of this story is stalking an ex may have its benefits.  So does persistence.  And so, like any love crazed girlfriend, I made a playlist for the sun. (See my sidebar) A playlist to remind me of the summer, and the hot pavement burning my feet, and the napping beneath the shade of a large tree.  The popsicles and watermelon, and ice cold water.  Mmmm. 

With my daily Sun dates and Sun worship playlist, I think I can handle a few more weeks/months of this bitter cold.


Terra said…
First, it sounds like you are feeling much better. Second, I am not a fan of summer heat - I can handle it till it crosses above 80then I long for old man winter to come I take summer walks I am dreaming of snow covered streets and moon shadows. So we are not soul sisters...opposites are good for each for each other!
Susan Anderson said…
I loved this post, Amy. On every level.

Including but not limited to the playlist.

I'm from Northern Canada, and am looking forward to some sort of spring sometime in April. I was born in the wrong country, that is all I know.
Veronica said…
I heart the sun, even though extreme heat makes me just as miserable as extreme cold.

Glad the change of pace with a walk helped to even out you and the kiddos!

I am so looking forward to spring!!!
Lourie said…
Come to CA and get real close to him. He is shinning like crazy here!
Emmy said…
Wish I could send some your way :)
I hope your unrequited love becomes a full out affair! Our winters besides our real odd storm is pretty mild. Come the Summer w/the 100+ degree temps I will be yearning for our mild winter probably :p
Em said…
Ordered our trampoline yesterday. I'm def ready for spring! Weird for me...
Sami said…
I hope you two can rekindle your love affair soon! I guess I won't tell you what the weather has been like here...

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