104*F and Freezing!

So not fair!

I wanted to check the weather for tomorrow.  You know, to see if I could take the kids out for a walk. 

Unfortunately, it says there will be snow.

Which means, no walkies.

But check out the current temp. 

I about died.  Seriously.  I even hit the refresh button.  Nada.  Still said it was 104*.  I couldn't believe it.

Such a cruel joke.


Em said…
Ha! That's funny!
Anonymous said…
LOL!!! SOO funny! Love it! Wish you'd send some of that hot weather our way!
That is hillarious! One of my BFF's husband works for KSL... I think I will have to tease them ;)

Hope your sunshine comes out and plays soon!
Lourie said…
Oh Amy, when I saw your title I thought: Oh no she is still sooo sick! Thank goodness it is a happy mistake. That is hilarious. hahaha.
It's those funny things that get us through our days!
Emmy said…
Lol! That is funny, though really who wants 104?
Terra said…
sorry, but that is hilarious!
Laura said…
haha that's crazy! Not sure what I would rather have 30 degrees or 104...right now I would probably say 104. :)

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