Summer Extravaganza!

I have really been out of it.  I feel horrible.  But what can you do?  Life happens, you know?

Since Emmy is so nice, and knew about my computer blowing up, she is letting me play catch up on the Extravaganza.  Isn't she a doll?

So, to catch up, July we moved.  Out of my inlaw's basement, and into our friend's house.  House sitting is the way to go!  Except for that time when he is going to come home.  But I have to say, we miss him like crazy and will willingly give the house back if it means he is safe and can come play again.  We found some renters for our house, and also found mold all through the downstairs kitchen walls.  Lovely.  Which meant going into debt to pay for a remodel which we did ourselves, and I honestly don't think I am cut out for construction.  I didn't do a very good job on the walls.  My dad had to come save them from me.  But I did get to paint them a gorgeous robin's egg blue color, so that made me happy.  July was also the month Faye began teething and growing her own teeth.  Oh, and we didn't have AC.  H-O-T times were had.

August we finally got insulation put in the attic so we could use the AC.  That day was my favorite day of the summer.  Keith learned to dress himself, and we spent as much time as we could at splash parks, bird parks, dinosaur parks, nature parks, and any other kind of park we could think of.  Lots of time outside playing.  It made me happy.  We found a mouse in our pantry, and the cat was ecstatic.  Jeffrey and myself, not so much.  Jeffrey killed it for me (yay!) and made the cat very sad.  I decided I didn't want a microwave, so put it in the garage and was thrilled with all the new counter space!   We spent lots of time up in the mountains that month (and that is where my glasses bit the dust when Jeffrey stepped on them.  Now I am forced to use my ugly pair.  Boo.  But one of my best friends married the most amazing girl ever.  Such a special and magical experience to be there for them.  And Keith discovered my fishnet tights and declared himself to be Spiderman.  Awesome.  August is also the month I put up my Halloween/fall decorations.  I just can't help myself.  It must be a disease.  And DownEast let me blog about them in exchange for a $100 gift card.  I was pretty excited for that. 

September was a month I had been waiting for all summer long.  My favorite month. 
I learned the fine art of canning, and now I have a delicious supply.  I will forever more be a canner.  I also got the car port and patio cleaned off and looking nice.  I love the patio.  It has my reading nook in it.  Perfect.  Faye took her first steps, and has not stopped running since.  Jeffrey and I had our Mock Anniversary, and I gave him the best gift ever!  Seriously, you all wish you were as good a gift giver as I was.  I also fell as I was heading out to the airplane museum, spraining my ankle.  It still hurts.  I don't recommend anyone do it.  We also started a preschool (which I love and am still doing) and went up into the mountains just to see the leaves.  Train stations are the best.  We didn't ride it, but seeing the Heber Creeper was a lot of fun.  I also got a little creative and made my Boo sign.  That was a lot of fun!

And so, after re-reading through my summer months, I am cursing this snow and longing for the days of short sleeves, bare feet, and grass between the toes.  Can't wait for the watermelon and flipflops.


Emmy said…
I really need to try canning. My mom always did... maybe someday.

Yes, I don't know how you survived without AC... ugh, that would be horrible.
Em said…
My summer post made me so homesick for the summer. I'm ready for spring at least!

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