Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recap and Restart

My computer is still broken. 

I am hiding out in the living room.  Enveloped in my Christmas blanket, and hunkered down behind lots of pillows.  Blogging again.

Faye is in her bed {finally} and Keith is playing in a box with his Daddy.  The simple joys are what life is all about, right?

I opened my reader and the 300 posts I was behind on seemed daunting.  But, as today is the epitome of a lazy day, I settled in and began playing catch up.

And catching up on our lives is as good a place as any to start.

Christmas was divine. 
I worked my hiney off trying to get everything done in time to actually enjoy Christmas and Christmas Eve.  I didn't succeed.  Christmas Eve 2:00 found me putting the finishing touches on some of the Snowman Kits I had made.  I forgot to take a picture of them, but I think they turned out lovely.  I especially love the top hat with red ribbon and a poinsettia type flower on it.  So fun.  I have half a kit here for my family, I just didn't get the rocks for the smile or buttons done.  But when we actually get a snowman, I will be posting pictures.  When we get enough snow, that is.  It seems everywhere else was pounded with a few feet of snow.  I can still see my grass peeking out from beneath my snow.  Sigh.  Poor Keith wont get the joy of a good snowman unless we move further south, or the weather decides to have pity on us.

As for Christmas for the kids, I couldn't be happier. 
Keith doesn't even ask to watch movies anymore.  He spends hours playing with his new toys.  And that makes me feel like a better mother. 
He got about 25 books, and loves to sit and "read" through them.  All the books have inspired me to work harder with him on his alphabet.  He knows the song but doesn't recognize the letters.  Now he knows the letter K and the letter A.  He can somewhat write the K.  I am determined he will be able to write his name soon.  He is such a bright boy, it shouldn't take too long.
I have been playing catch up on sleep this past week.  For the whole three weeks before Christmas, on average, I got about 6 hours of sleep a night.  You know, because of the gifts I was making.  I know some people can function on that, but not me.  I have been sleeping like it is going out of style.  One day I went to bed at 8, slept until 7, and then by 10 I was so exhausted I had to sleep again for three hours.  Its a good thing my husband was home, and is so understanding.

And so, to keep from doing that again next year, I am going to start on Christmas gifts for next year, now.  My sister in law brought over an amazing book a few days before Christmas.  I am in love with it.  It has step by step instructions to make the most adorable Christmas gifts.  I figure if I start now, and continue on through the year, everyone will be covered, and I can enjoy the season, rather than stress about making gifts at the last minute.  Besides, I like having things to work on.  It makes movie watching time less guilt full.

Last night was nice.  We started a new tradition.  Chinese take out for New Years Eve.  I hate Chinese, but it is Jeffrey's favorite, so I feel it is important to let him indulge sometimes.  I get a big smooch that night every year, so it makes up for it.  Keith went to his grandparent's house last night, and we had some friends over.  The Hudsucker Proxy is a favorite movie, and it always makes me smile.  Perfect for the new year.  But I have to admit, as nice as it was to have that time, I was ready for bed at 10:00.  I fell asleep several times before the night was over.  And I missed Keith terribly.  I don't think I will ever let him spend the night elsewhere on New Years Eve.  Our neighbors took pots and pans, and went out into the street hollering and banging, and it made me smile and miss Keith even more.  From now on, if he can stay awake, New Years will be a time of noise, and mocktails, and family.  If friends want to join, they are more than welcome, but definitely family.

We talked about resolutions a bit (of course) and it was refreshing to see the whys for each person.  One friend of mine doesn't believe in resolutions.  He thinks it is silly to wait for a certain time to make a change.  If one wants to change something in one's life, one should just do it rather than putting it off until a certain time.  I can see completely his reasoning, but to me, there is something so cleansing about the new year.  A fresh beginning. A clean start.  It is cleansing to be able to look at what things worked last year, and what things need improvement, and to sit down, make some goals, plans on how to achieve them, and to tackle them.  Granted, it is also important to have those goals in a place where they will be seen every day so three weeks later they are not forgotten.  But that just means I get to craft something, so it is even more exciting and fun.
You can't really read it, but the fortune I opened at midnight said "Next year will be full of happiness and joy." It made me smiles.

I haven't done the whole "what worked this year, what needs to be better" thought process yet, but from thinking a bit today, I have decided a major goal I want this year is to make more magic for my children.  They deserve it.  Being an adult is full of too many disappointments and weight.  Childhood is the time for magic.  I believe if a childhood is magical, then the child will grow up to be happier and be able to make their own magic.  In order to achieve this goal, I am going to have to be more organized.  Again, I haven't thought this through much.  I will have to do that tomorrow.

But we have church at 11 o'clock instead of 9 o'clock, so I will have more time to get things done in the morning, and during nap time.  Hallelujah!  I think that is the thing I have been anticipating the most this year.  

On a side note, Keith has been practicing with the camera.  He has loads of fun with it, and I like to see him so happy.  So long as he doesn't break it, we should be fine.  :)

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