Once Upon A Snow Day

Yesterday morning I woke up late. The sky was gray and full of promise and mysteries.  I climbed out of bed and peeked out the window.

"Perfect!" I thought.

The billowy clouds had my heart and mind racing with possibilities of activities we could do.  Bike riding, walks, dropping rocks down the sewer to hear the ker-plunk.  It would be a perfect day.  I had read the forecast the day before and saw that it was supposed to be in the 40s all week long.  Which meant we could spend the day outside for a change.  I silently thanked the blessed January thaw, did a happy jump, and set about getting ready for the day.

I ventured out into the living room to find Keith playing in the curtains.  As I picked up a few toys I heard a muffled squeal of delight.

"Mom!  Look at it!  Look outside!  Can we build a snowman please!?!" he exclaimed.

Surprised, I turned around, and saw that the sky had the gall to snow on my dreams.  Indeed, it was snowing.  Hard.   Something it had not been doing when I first got up.

And then my hopes for a day outside were shattered.

The snow was coming down in torrents, quickly blanketing the roads and yards.

Without snowboots for Faye there was no hope for an outside day.  On the verge of feeling defeated, I glanced at the clock.  Just as the cuckoo broke out of his house to declare the hour, a plan concocted in my mind, and clung to my last peice of hope for getting out of the house that day.

Jeffrey had not yet gone to work.  If I could get the kids dressed fast enough, I could take him to work, and then with the car in my possession, I could go somewhere, anywhere that wasn't my house.  An escape!  A chance to make the snow day a happy day nonetheless.

And the race began.  I rushed the diaper change, the clothes change, and completely skipped over the hair combing.  I slapped their coats on their little bodies, and scurried them out to the car.  I ran back inside, grabbed Jeffrey's lunch, and yelled to him that we were waiting in the car.  There could be no excuses, no reason for me to not have the car.  We were ready.

A few moments later Jeffrey came out to the car looking slightly confused.  The poor guy.  He had no idea that I was planning on taking the car that day.  When I hatched my plan, he was still sawing logs.  And so, with no other choice, he joined us in the car and told me I was crazy.

I can deal with crazy if it gets me out of the house once in a while.

We dropped him off at work, and then went to my mother's house.  The roads were beginning to get slippery.  Darn snow!  I tried to convince my mother to come to the aerospace museum with us, but she wouldn't.  Instead she invited us to breakfast.  There we shared a delicious meal of an omelet, my style (three eggs and three to four cups of mixed veggies), oranges and toast.  The snow was raging outside and in the short while I had been there, my car was nearly covered.

As the snow continued to pile down, Keith kept begging for a snowman.  And then my mother joined in with his pleas.  After much discussion it was decided he would help my mother build a snowman while Faye and I ran a few errands.

My errands ended up taking less time than I had anticipated, so to surprise them I stopped by my house and got the snow clothes.  Boots, snowsuits, gloves, etc.  We rushed back to my parent's house, just in time to help with the finishing touches of the snowman.  And being the awesome mother I am, I decided it would be better for Faye to have the experience of playing with us and getting cold feet, over staying inside crying at the window.  I could always throw her shoes and socks in the dryer when we were done.
We then had Snowmen, snowangels, snowdogs, snowballs, and lots of snow to eat.  But no snowcream.  I am going to have to make that the next snowstorm.  My mother doesn't believe in eating snow so she didn't want to make any.
When we were good and red in the face, with our digits slightly numb, we went back in for some steaming cocoa my mother had made.  From scratch.  The very best kind.
And then we made cookies and had hot sandwiches.

A sigh of bliss was in order.  While the children ate and played with legos, I was able to tinker on the piano a bit.  Oh how I miss the piano.   Faye joined me and we sang songs and played until heads were nodding and eyes were being rubbed.
Then it was home for naps and Mommy time.

Eat your heart out, Norman Rockwell!  This is me living the dream.


Heather said…
cute pictures. i am glad you escaped the house and had a good day!
Mrs Montoya said…
It was 75 in southern California today so I am awed that you thought you were going to go outside and then IT WAS SNOWING!!!!! And you drove in it! I love that you made a good day out of it. Your kiddos look awfully happy about it, too :)
Terra said…
Ok, I am so with you on this one - sometimes you just can't stay home and those snowmen - well they ROCK!
Sami said…
We got some snow here a couple of weeks ago. A whopping 3-4 inches! Guess that doesn't really compare, does it?
Looks like a fun day!
I can't even imagine so much snow! My kids were all given snow suits like that and the tags are still on :p

So beautiful your kids are :)
Trish said…
That is the cutest snowman I have ever seen! Maybe this Christmas we'll be in Utah and Parker can play in the snow too!
Mare said…
I LOVE the snowman kit!~ hehee..
Lourie said…
Look at that snowman!! Awesome.
Emmy said…
Okay you just made snow seem like the best thing on earth. LOVE those last two pictures!! Adorable. And that is a great snowman.
CB said…
I think you have some of the cutest kids ever!!
Anonymous said…
Is that a hat made especially for a snowman? And giant buttons??? We never see those sorts of things out west where we just have sun showers (literally).

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