Monday, January 17, 2011

Mumbely Jumbely

It's funny, I have so much I want to remember/record, but when I sit down in front of the computer, my mind draws a blank.  My thoughts are very fragmented and unrelated.  But that is generally how life is.  Disjointed and random, so why should my post be any different?

Keith has been making me laugh so much today.  We went to my Uncle's house for dinner tonight.  My uncle lives up on the bench and so has an amazing view.  When Keith got out of the car, he looked down across the Valley and said excitedly, "Mommy!  We are on top of the world!"  It was quite a view, and I love how observant he is. 

When we were driving home, we were one exit away from our exit.  From the back seat I heard a deep sigh of despair. 

"We're lost." he said mournfully.  "Our house is lost, our toys are lost and our friends are lost.  We are never going to see them again."

Which was followed by another deep sigh.  I asked him why he said that, and he said it was because we are just lost.  That was all. 

Then, while I was tucking him in bed, I asked him what he had learned at church.  He said that he learned about child of God. 

"Who is a child of God, Keith?"  I asked him.
"You are!"  He said poking me in the chest. 
"Are you a child of God?" I prodded.
"No, I am not a child of God.  I am a submarine."  He stated matter of factly.

Where on earth did that child of mine come from?  I laughed long and hard at that one.  Right now he has a strange fascination with submarines.  He has been saying since November 3rd that he wants to be a submarine for Halloween.  Last year that is about the same time he said he wanted to be Spider Man, so he may actually stick to it.  Silly boy.

I am tired.  But I am not sorry about it.  As stated previously, I have been out playing a lot lately.  My friend was missing her husband due to work for two weeks.  So we played.  Just about every night of those two weeks.  Late.  My eyes are tired, and my pants no longer fitting are not very happy.  But I am.  The food was delicious, and the company was even better.  We had a lot of fun crafting, and talking, and watching movies.  Thus resulting in a very late bedtime.  And my body is starting to rebel.  Lucky for her (and my tired eyes) her husband got home tonight.  Sad for our girl's nights though.  But we decided we will still try to play often, though not quite so late anymore.

Though I must say, leaving her house tonight I was pleasantly surprised.  I wasn't shivering and my car windows didn't have frost on them.  I started the car and the thermostat said it was 45 degrees outside!  I have been praying and longing for this for quite a while.  I am so done with the cold.  Temperatures in the teens is so 2010.  It is time for Mother Nature to make up her mind.  Either give me a decent snow storm (you know, one big enough to make a snowman) (and those of you in SLC and south, I don't want to hear it.  I know you have gotten hammered this season, but I have yet to have enough snow for one measly snowman), or bring on the January thaw already!  My grass is looking awfully green right now, and I am dreaming of warmer days.  I have Australian envy right now.  They are basking in the warm rays of the sun, and this cold is driving me crazy.

So much so that I am going to have to paint.  Painting a room in the house always helps me get rid of the winter blues.  It makes me feel better and I love being able to see something so fresh.  I am thinking of painting Faye's room.  And then if I like it, and can do it quickly, Keith's room will follow.  How nice it will be to have nice walls to look at in the kids rooms.  This house is certainly a work in progress.  Gary (the owner) did a great job while he was here, but since he wasn't here very long, it still needs a little love.  Painting will commence soon, as soon as I can figure out what colors to paint it.  Maybe a soft yellow color, to imitate the sun I long for? 

*Sigh*  Maybe the sun just got lost.  *Sigh*
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