The Last Three Months of My Life

Wow, so that title does sound a little morbid.  But this post does document the past three months of my life, so it works.  It is a part of Emmy's Extravaganza!

October.  Best holiday ever!  Two birthdays.  Fall leaves.  Really, why isn't the year made up of October?  I know, I know.  Obsess much, right?  It wouldn't be October without the annual October Extravaganza on October 1st.  This year there was way too much food.  So we doorbell ditched it.  So fun.  Potty training was commenced.  I bought the food, the books, the doll, everything.  Epic fail.  He just had to do it on his own time.  We also pulled out the flannel sheets and hot cocoa.  I was so happy to welcome the cool weather.  Now it can go away.  Single didgit temps are not okay by me.  And I am loving the flannel.  I got insanely jealous of all the fall pictures posted since my yard was as green as could be.  So I jumped in the car and drove up to my rental house just to see the colors.  It was worth it!  Faye moved into her crib after 11 months of sleeping in a pac'n'play.  We got our family photos for the first time since getting married.  It was wonderful, and I love that we have photos of all of us now.  Finally.

November made me look at all the blessings I have.  We frolicked in the first snow fall of the year, and I got to channel my inner Handy Manny by fixing the leaky bathroom faucet.  I felt like I could do anything!  Keith also asserted his independence by getting out of bed, getting dressed and going to his friend's house while we all were still asleep.  Faye celebrated her first birthday and wondered what all the hoopla was about.  Thanksgiving was stuffed to the brim for me.  Both with food, and family.  It was lovely.  It was also the month I tried desperately to win a Silhouette.  I didn't win.  Boo.  The weatherman promised a blizzard and we got half an inch of snow.  I am no longer friends with the weatherman.  He keeps breaking his promises.  Black Friday was spent jumping on couches and building forts.  A tradition from now on.

December was a bit of a bittersweet month.  In preparation for the Christmas loot, Keith went through his toys and gave away some to the homeless shelter.  He has not forgotten and still tells me he wants his toys back.  Silly boy.  I got to go on my first since being married over nighter all by myself.  It was wonderful.  I want to do it at least once a year if not more often.  :)  Jeffrey started a new job which is so much closer and he is a lot happier there.  Whew!  A happy husband makes for a happy home.  While getting ready for church one morning I lost my bra on me (who even does that?) and Faye got into the bag of sugar.  Awesome.    Jeffrey bought me a Silhouette because I didn't win, and he is a doll.  I stayed up late every night in order to finish making my Christmas gifts, and my computer somehow blew up. 

There you have it, folks.  A year in review.  And I hope 2011 is even better!  Thank you Emmy for letting me play along~!


Susan Anderson said…
I feel a little guilty for not doing the review. I was just lazy.

I did enjoy reading them all!

Emmy said…
Yes October is a great month, espeically for birthdays.

Sorry the linkey was closed by the time you got these done :(
Em said…
I can't believe Keith gOt dressed and went to a friend's house!
Veronica said…
What great memories!
Lourie said…
I remember the overnighter. So glad you went with your heart and did it!! I don't like single digits either...and even more I hate negative ones!

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