I Needed A Project

Today was a bad day.

A very bad day.

So I decided to clean out and re-organize my pantry.

Which led to the need to paint it.

 A lovely mint green and white.  

Don't judge- the kitchen needs a little pick me up, and the food gets depressed staying in the dark dingy cupboard.

I am hoping to finish tomorrow, and will then be able to post pictures.

Wish me luck


Terra said…
sorry it was a bad day, glad you found a project to busy yourself with - can't wait to see the finished project!!!
Sami said…
I've never thought about painting my pantry! I'm excited to see how it turned out!
Jenny said…
Man. I am so depressed. I thought you wrote you NEEDED a project and in the spirit of friendship I was going to let you clean my house.

Darn. I hate when that happens.
Susan Anderson said…
A little reorganizing goes a long way on a bad day.

Good coping skills, Amy!


PS. And mint green with white sounds perfect...
Mrs Montoya said…
I am genuinely impressed. When I have a bad day I blow all my spending money on Starbucks and a magazine and totally ignore my kids. Painting the pantry!!!!! You are such an inspiration, Amy! And refreshing does feel so much better. Can't wait to see the pix!
I just have to laugh b/c you mentioned your friend who owns the house is a bachelor on deployment. When he comes home he is going to have this gorgeous happily painted beautiful home. He is going to be surprised!

I can't wait to see the pictures. I wish you come here and help me paint and decorate my kid's rooms. You have such a talent :)
Em said…
not sure i'd have the energy to paint a house that i didn't get to stay in and enjoy! wait, i did, but that was b/c i didn't want brennan to live in a pink room the first 2 1/2 yrs of his life. it was definitely worth it. i guess when you need to give your surroundings a perk, it doesn't matter whether you're keeping it or not!

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