Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home Grown Sunshine

How can a once calm life get suddenly so crazy and chaotic? 

Each morning, before I open my eyes, I hear Faye shouting from her room.  I usually hope she will decide to go back to sleep.  As I put the pillow over my head to block out the sound and nestle in closer to Jeffrey, I always hear a door creek open.  Little feet running down the hall, another door creek, then close.

The shouting stops.


Then it is followed by laughter.  Little baby giggles and big brother chuckles.

Sometimes Faye will begin shouting for me to change her diaper and Keith will yell "Stop it, Faye!"

She stops.  But only for a moment.

Then they giggle again.

It is the best way to start my morning.  By the time I get into her room, I find nearly all her toys dumped into her bed by a loving brother.  Often they are nestled together playing with a toy. 
Equally as often they are fighting over the same toy.  But Keith is good, and has learned diversion.  He has learned to give her a different toy, and then he can get the one he wants.

Even when the day is cloudy, I still have a little sunshine every morning.

And then they get down to business.

In the past two days they have broken four dishes.  All glass.  One had cookie dough in it.  I later found Faye trying to eat the shards from out of the garbage.  What that girl wont do for a little sugar!  Today she broke a bowl full of gummy bears.
The immediately sat down and began eating them.  I am hoping she was lucky and didn't get any glass shards in the ones she ate!

Sometimes we just have to get away and go visit Grandma and her box of Legos. 
Hours of enjoyment for both kids.  Keith, because he is getting quite skilled at building things.  Faye, because she has a little nest to play in.

Lucky me, I have a sweet way to kick the winter gloom.  I have sun shine in my home, anytime I want it.  I just have to give a hug. 
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