Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daydreams and Woogies

I remember once upon a time when imagination was everything.

I lived outside and made believe.  The fields were my mansions.  The groves of trees were my cottages.  Everything contained a magic element.

And then somewhere, somehow, I grew up.  Against my will, I might add.

But in the secret parts of my day, the parts that I have all to myself, I still indulge in a few day dreams.  Though these are much different from the maiden in distress fantasies I used to have.  Now they generally revolve around my family.

Today I was watching Faye dance to some music, and day dreamed about the time we will get to have tea parties, and go shopping together, and she will share her secrets with me, and mine with her.  I dream about the day I will have a house that will actually fit my family that I can call my own.  I dream about Keith riding his bike, and wanting to get dirty, and mostly, right now, I dream about the time when we can spend all day outside because gosh, its cold!

As I was smiling at my day dreams, Keith tugged on my hand.

"What are muscles made of Mom?"  he asked.

I had no idea!  So we went to the computer, sat down, and learned all about muscles.  And then bones.  And then joints.  And then the brain.  And then fingers.  And then cartilage.

"When you wiggle the tip of your nose around like this, the part that moves is called cartilage, Keith."  I told him.

"No it's not!  It's called woogies!"  he told me.  I had a good long laugh.

Woogies are what Jeffrey calls anything that comes out of the face that isn't spit.  Eye goobers are called eye woogies.  Ear wax is called woogies.  And snot and boogers are called woogies.

Evidently, cartilage is now called woogies.

I love that he loves learning so much.  We got him a reader for Christmas, and often, when he seems to have disappeared, I will find him in his room, sitting in his "reading chair" listening to the stories.

Makes my heart proud!
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