Cookies, Upcycling and Poop!

Today started out with a bang.

I crawled out of bed way too early and gave the kids cookies for breakfast.  Some days you just need cookies and almond milk to start out your day.  This was one of those days. 

Faye had a poopy leaky diaper. 

Keith wet the bed. 

The cat dumped over the 15 lb bag of cat food, so the kitchen floor was covered. 
Faye dropped a glass and it shattered.  So, you know, a cookie kind of day.  Thanks to Heather for giving us some yesterday!

But really, it hasn't been a bad day.  I mean the kids are still sick which means they are a little grumpier than they should be.  A little more needy, but a little more cuddly, which I love.

Jeffrey bought a soldering iron yesterday.  He asked me to make a pouch for him to keep it in.  While I was going through my sewing/fabric box today, I found the exact perfect thing.   

I found an old pair of cargo pants in the box.  There were holes in the knees, and a big hole in the bum.  I just cut out the pocket!  I sort of love it.  It holds the soldering iron and all its accessories perfectly.

Such a sweet find for my starting off bad day.

The kids wanted a bath, for the second time today, and since it keeps them out of trouble, I agreed.  Keith was sitting, with his arms hanging out of the tub, head resting on the porcelain.
"It's hot like a summer's day." he sighed.  It was too cute!

Unfortunately, as I was writing this, the kids were playing in the tub.  Keith yelled "Poop!" and jumped out of the tub.  I looked over and Faye was sitting, obliviously smiling in an ever increasing cloud of brown. 

I plucked her out of the tub, hosed her off, and wrapped her up.  I got it all cleaned up and now the toys are sitting in clean water with bleach.  I will disinfect them in a bit, but good heavens!

Cookies for dinner, anyone?


That has NOT happend to me but it has happend to Miriam my nanny when she was bathing the crew. I came running out from my offices hearing screams "NO RACHEL NO!!!!!!" It was so gross. Oh well, the pictures will be great first date bate ;)

(PS: I'm catching up on blogs... sorry I missed so much being sick)
Heather said…
Yep, some mornings just call for dessert for breakfast. Oh the poo in the tub- I think every parent has to go through it a time or two- part of parenting initiation I suppose :0)
Susan Anderson said…

Thanks for the visual. I'm eating soft boiled eggs right now, as I read. Not a good combo.

Your pouch is really clever! He will LOVE that.

Emmy said…
Ewwwww! But hey when things like this happen we have to snap a picture, it just makes it easier to deal with huh?
Em said…
Oh no no no no!!!!
Veronica said…
I remember cookies for breakfast. Now I'm trying to be good with the fitness challenge I'm participating in.

That kind of morning would definitely have been a cookie morning!

Love the cargo pants idea, what a great way to recycle!

Poop in the tub, so disgusting. Besides my child drowning, pooping in the tub was always a huge fear of mine. That the babies did it, not me lol.
Sami said…
I have definitely been known to hand out something like that for breakfast too. If it's an extra rough day, I'll give the kids something healthy, and then I will eat an entire "break and bake" package of cookies myself.
Calories don't count when you're stressed, right???

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