Bring It On


What a week.

I really think this past week has been one of my worst ever.

But it is done now, and everything is better.

The pantry took much longer than anticipated, but was well worth the effort.

It is very pretty now, and makes me happy.


This doesn't do it justice.  The walls were a dirty dingy color.  The shelves had old faded yellow gingham contact paper on them, and, well, the dishevelled shelves are basically my fault.  In serious need of help.

After much scrubbing, and scraping, and painting, I ended up with this:
Pretty, hu?

Since I didn't finish with the painting and what not, until late, the kitchen stayed a mess yet another day.  But now, I am doing a happy dance.


Behold the organized goodness and stress deflater. 

There really is nothing more soothing for the harried soul than a clean and organized house.

Oh happiness!

Even better, during the mad cleaning frenzy I was able to clean out one of the cupboards while in the process of re-stocking the pantry.  Now, the kitchen is organized... except for that one junk drawer.  And the fridge.  But those are both for another day.

This weekend I also tried a new way of grocery shopping.  I joined a food co-op and may never go back to the grocery store!  Holy smokes, talk about quantity and quality for the lowest price I have ever seen.  I cannot believe I have never done this before! So, now that the pantry is organized, the fridge is bursting at its seams with fresh produce, and the house is ready to clean, I am ready to welcome the new week with grand plans of culinary adventures.

Sometimes I really love the winter.  I mean, what better time is there to experiment with soups and hot comfort foods?  None.

Last week was a horrible week.  This week?

Bring it on, I say! 


Rachel said…
Aahhh, the sweet scene of organization and the feeling of accomplishment! What a great way to get some near-instant gratification!

It looks terrific!!
Lourie said…
Holy cow, lady!! That looks A-MAY-ZING!! Job well done. Tell me about this grocery shop co-op!
Heather said…
that looks great! makes me want to do something with mine. i want to hear more about the food co-op thing....
Jenny said…
Hooray! It looks great! Tell us about the food co-op and how that works!
Good job! What is a food co-op?
Emmy said…
Great job! I have to laugh though as when I saw the first picture I thought it was the before and thought the second picture was the after and thought, well that doesn't look much different. Lol! The real afters look amazing!
Darlene said…
Way to go girl! That is what I need to do. I did do my pantry not too long ago, but I now need to start on the inside of all the rest of my kitchen cupboards. I really do hate this job. I may put it off for another week, just so that I can honestly have a whole week to just relax. I haven't been able to do that for such a long time.

You are inspiring me though, and I'm not likely to wait a whole week. Thank heavens I at least do not have to repaint. Just a good scrub and reorganizing should do the job.
CB said…
Your pantry is awesome!! I love that you painted it and really freshened it up AND organized it! Nice :-D
I hope this is a much better week for you!
Familia Morales said…
Looks awesome Amy! And what is a food co-op?
Em said…
WOW. come do mine???
Pizazzle said…
Hello again! I have another idea for you in your kefir grain search. I have an account at and they have a pretty extensive forum there. I searched the forum for "water kefir" and found a few threads. So if you are not a member yet, join up and ask if anyone lives near you who has extra kefir grains! Simple! Hope that helps!
Love Trish
Laura said…
Ahhhh, doesn't organization just make you all happy inside!? :) The pantry looks GREAT!

I should really try harder to find some sort of co-op around here, I have been wanting to do that forever!

Have a great week!
Terra said…
HOW COOL - and it is so tell about the co-op...I am not familiar!
Anonymous said…
Oh that looks great!! Want to make a trip to Oregon and help me out??

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