Thursday, December 9, 2010


You have heard about Shutterfly, haven't you? They are an awesome online publishing company that really can meet all your publishing needs.  All of them.  I am not joking.  They offer great things like free online photo storage, free online photo sharing (without having to log in or sign up your friends or family can see your photos or if you want to get really fancy, a slideshow of what you have been up to.  Like Grandma who lives far away, she may never feel the need to visit again it is that great.  Wait... ), free photo software (move over photoshop!), and if you like your photo, but think it needs just a little pop to it, they have over 400 borders to play around with.  And if you want to send a card, every single one can have a little message on the back for free.  Like, oh, I don't know, a Christmas card.

And do they have an amazing selection or what!  I was drooling as I perused the Christmas cards.  I love how unique they all are.  One of my favorites was a snowflake sprinkle card.  Absolutely beautiful!  And the Starry Starry Snowflakes Christmas Card just makes me happy with all of its light blue.  I sometimes get a little tired of all the green and red.  The blue is so refreshing!  And they have so many styles to choose from.  If you want to be ambitious and write up a newsletter, you can fold it and stick it inside a folded greeting card like this one.  Or you can be lazy and just send out a flat stationary card or flat photo card.  Any way you look at it though, you could have the card of envy.

Lest you should think that Christmas is coming quickly, and so you will have no more use of this wonderful company, let me point you in the direction of the birth announcements.  This one made me grin.  My eyes kept wandering back to it as I looked at all the cards and cute babies.  Almost makes me want to have another one now.  Almost.

And if you are not wanting to give birth any time soon, there are lots of other things to whet your appetite.  Every year my sister in law gives my parents a calendar of her kids for Christmas.  They are darling.  After looking at some of these options, I am tempted to give her a little competition.  Then we would see who my parents really love most.  Their favorite son, or the daughter who lives closest.  Ha!

I am so excited to have now been exposed to Shutterfly.  If only I had known about the birthday announcements/cards this past fall.  I figured out between October first and January first there are 12 birthdays in our families.  12!  I could have sent out some of the cutest invites, even specialized for Faye's first birthday, or sent out some awesome birthday greeting cards.  Actually that last one, I still can do.  And will!  Someone may be getting this card in the mail very soon.

Wow.  I am so glad I discovered Shutterfly.  I love it and I am sure that there is something there to tickle everyone's fancy.  Go check it out!


Em said...

can't wait to see my christmas cards in the flesh!!! my friend brooke has made photo albums. so awesome.

Em said...

p.s. can't wait to see your extravaganza post!!!

Trish said...

Shutterfly...I was trying to think of a program like this not too long ago! Thanks for the heads up!

alpinekleins said...

I also LOVE shutterfly - but my greatest shutterly accomplishment was my daughters wedding album. I found a great tutorial about using photoshop to customize a shutterfly album. It turned out so gorgeous!