Yesterday was a doozie.

Good thing does days do not come around very often.

I was very frustrated and about ready to go back to bed, but today...

Well, today is a completely different story.

He woke up and came into my room.  I opened my eyes to see a sweet pair of sleepy eyes gazing at me.

"What do you need, Keithy?"  I asked sleepily.

"I want to sleep with you."

He looked so angelic.  I couldn't resist.

He climbed into our bed and snuggled down between us.  Once he was there, I couldn't sleep.  Our foreheads were touching, and I told him I was so sorry for being grumpy and difficult to deal with yesterday.  I kissed him on his cheek and told him I loved him.

He then repeated everything I had said.  As in "Mommy, I a sorry I was grumpy and difficult to deal with yesterday.  I love you." and kissed me on the cheek. 

I had to laugh.  We snuggled deeper into the soft bed and I watched him as he fought to keep his eyes open.  I gave him an extra tight squeeze and told him he is a good boy.

"You are a good Mommy." he said with his arms around my neck.

We then decided it was time to get up.

He is such a good boy.

Just Monday we went through all his toys.  He had been complaining for a long time about not being able to clean his room, which to me is a sign that he has too many toys.  So I brought a bag into his room and told him we were going to give some of his toys to little kids who didn't have any.  I asked him to pick out the toys he didn't want anymore, and the toys he wanted to share with those who needed some.  He asked me where we were going to take them, and quite honestly, I didn't have a clue!  So I decided on the homeless shelter.  I figured little kids there would love to receive something for Christmas.  He was so excited.  He tried to load all of his toys into the bag.  There were quite a few that I had to veto, and I was so proud of him and his loving giving heart.  He is so good and wonderful, and deserves a mother with a lot more patience than I have.  So, this Christmas season, I will be working on patience.

Yesterday I would have paid anyone to come and take him away, just for a little while.  Today he is still moody, but I have a different perspective and you couldn't pay me to take him for a little bit.  I have fallen in love all over again.


Lourie said…
Oh those days of wanting to put them on the curb are always going to happen. Luckily, those days are really not that many. But they make those precious moments all the more wonderful!
Noodle said…
Its amazing how our pers[ective can change... Yesterday sammy was a little brat and I was so relived when daddy came home... And today I look at the clock and think wow the day has went by this fast all ready, and I havn't had a melt down yet WOW!!! I'm glad we can have good days to off set the bad....
Terra said…
amazing what a difference a day makes! YEAH for good kids with good hearts
Sami said…
I love that! I had one of those days today, myself!
Careful what you wish for as far as patience goes...
I don't know about you, but whenever I pray for patience, the Lord throws a TON of stuff my way to TEST my patience. I'll be pulling for you! Heaven knows, I could use a lot more patiences too!
Susan Anderson said…
Parenting definitely has its ups and downs. And so do our kids!

Sounds like today was a definite up!

Emmy said…
Yes we need mornings like that to make up for the bad ones

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