The Magical Recap

Firstly, I went.  It was so much fun, and so good to see my friends.  I love them dearly.  We laughed so hard, and we reminisced and decided this is certainly going to be an annual event.  It was absolutely perfect.  I love that no matter how many years pass, we are all still as close as ever.  One of the girls remembered that our President had said that while we were out there, we were making life long friends.  It was startling to realize that he had been right.  They are life long friends.

It was hard leaving.  I felt so inadequate.  I am not sure why.  Obviously, the whole not looking like I did when they last saw me.  I could say that it is alright because I have had two kids, but two of my friends there had had two kids as well and were absolutely tiny.  No excuses for me.  Jeffrey was so supportive.  He told me I could go or I could stay.  If I stayed, he would take me on a date.  But he did encourage me to go.  Its not like he was trying to bribe me into staying home, he was just wanting to make me happy.  After much inner turmoil and tears, I decided to go.  I knew if I didn't go I would regrett it.  I hadn't been to a sleepover since I was about 14.  Much of my stress was over what to pack.  Did I need to take a blanket?  Should I conserve on packing and just wear the clothes I wore there, home?  Was that gross?  That is what I decided on.  And I did take a blanket, just in case.  I laugh at myself now.  Really, it wasn't that big a deal, but to me, it was ginormous.

I got home Saturday to find the whole house clean, the laundry done, and the kids napping.  Talk about amazing hubby!  He was so good to let me go and to take care of all of that.  And I hate to admit, that I wasn't very nice Saturday.  I don't remember the specifics exactly, but I think it had something to do with not a lot of sleep, fast Sunday, and Christmas stress.  Not an excuse, but I am ashamed to say, that didn't stop me.

I have apologized profusely since then.  He is a good man who loves me and my family dearly, and even when I am unbearable to be around, still is so patient with me.  I am lucky to have him as my best friend and hubby.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

Today was also a magical day.  I have been working on Christmas gifts.  I am making a lot of them, so I am not going to be around much the rest of the week/season.  However long it takes me to finish.  More on that later.  Today Jeffrey told me to go ahead and buy my Christmas present.  I cannot wait until it gets here.  This is going to be the best Christmas in all the history of my Christmases.  But I am not supposed to know what it is yet.  I will probably burst and tell everyone when it gets here.  Not sure I will have the self control to wrap it and put it under the tree without a trial run first. 

Jeffrey started his new job.  He works so much closer to home now.  He was able to come home for lunch.  I don't think he has ever worked close enough to do that before.  He is very excited.  When he got home from work, we slurped down our soup and bread bowls (is there any other way to eat soup?) and rushed out the door.  The Christmas Village is a fun tradition that I am starting this year.  It is a park that is full of little houses with fun displays inside.  Christmas lights galore.  Little garbage can fires.  Hot cocoa.  Carolers.  And the best part of all, a little boy plastered up against the glass of every single display. 

He was basically in love.  We decided to go there tonight because honestly, who knows when the next warm night will be.  Unfortunately, my camera batteries were dead.  So, although I did have my camera with me all weekend, I kept forgetting to change the batteries.  Awesome.

What a great and magical weekend it was!  And now, I have to start in earnest on the Christmas gifts.  A chair to be painted and fixed up.  3 Super Hero capes to be made.  A purse to be made.  T-Shirts, and some gifts for my siblings in law.  I also need to figure out something to make for my parents and parents in law.  Hmmm.  That is going to be a little trickier.  So, I am going to be working on gifts every spare moment I have, and my cute little blog will be slightly neglected.  Until Christmas, that is.  Good luck on your preparations!


Brea Marie said…
Where is the Christmas village? That sounds like a lot of fun!
Terra said…
I am glad you went and had a wonderful time and that you came home to a settled home, that rocks! The Christmas village sounds lovely - I wanna go!
Sami said…
Good luck, Amy! I am going to be a bit harder to find around until after Christmas as well. I didn't do any visiting yesterday, so I'm making the rounds this morning, and that's pretty much how it'll go for the next few weeks.
Can't wait to find out what your Christmas present is!

Oh! And I'm happy you went. Sounds like it was a much needed recharge!
Emmy said…
So so glad you went! I know I totally used to go through the guilt thing all of the time if I needed to get out and go away for a bit, but if it means a sane happy mommy then it is best for all. It is okay to take care of ourselves, why do we fight it so much. That is why I went ahead and started my photography business at this point in my life, I needed something for me so I can be happier taking care of everyone else.
Jenny said…
It's always wonderful when the universe falls into the correct order. I'm glad yours did. Sounds like you needed a breather!
Susan Anderson said…
I'm so glad you went to spend time with your friends, Amy. There is nothing better than old friends who know you well.

And it sounds like your cute hubby was pretty good friend to you, too!

What a fun weekend!!

I'm glad it was so lovely. I am jealous though! You know you shouldn't feel bad taking a break. It is good for everyone and Jeffery handled it like a pro ;) You should do this sort of thing more often I was thinking.

I think it is cute that you make your Christmas gifts. I wish I had your talents!
Em said…
totally ditched my kids on my birthday. made me love them even more when i came home:)
Trish said…
Yay! I'm happy for you to be able to enjoy yourself with your mission friends! What a wonderful memory to create and a tradition to continue forward with!
I'm thinking you are a dominant type 2 according to the Energy profiling system. The one thing that kind of gives me that impression is thinking about a decision long before you make it and long after it has been made and is complete. I do that too, heh heh!
Lara Neves said…
So happy things were wonderful! I wish I could go to my mission reunions...I love them.
Mare said…
Glad you went. Didn't know Jeff had a new job. Hope it is what he was looking for and that it goes well for him!
Lourie said…
Oh, I am so very glad you went on your sleepover!! Sounds like a blast was had.

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