January, February, March Recap

I love looking back over the year and seeing how much I have grown and changed.  It is always quite an experience.  And this past year brought a lot of opportunities to learn and grow.

In January I was still learning how to be a mother to two children.

Faye was two months old, and I was discovering a whole new side to myself.  Not one I liked either.  Thankfully I have gotten that side under control for the most part.

February was when Jeffrey's internship ended.  At that point he became a bit of a stay at home father.  I loved it.  We also decided to put our house up for sale.

And learned to never again rent to bachelors.  No good can ever come from that.  February is also the month I began to craft for the first time ever in my life.

And I have been addicted ever since.  Still of all the clipboards I have made, the first one ever is my favorite.  It was green and had birdies all over it, and I simply adore it.  It became my niece's very late Christmas present.  We also moved in with my inlaws during this month.  I got tired of the Realtor calling and telling me that he would be to my house in 5 minutes with someone who wanted to see it.  So we made our house picture perfect, and moved in with Jeffrey's parents.

March brought relief and sunshine, and a rite of passage with the baby.

The biggest blow out diaper I have ever seen.  It was intense, and in the middle of Sacrament Meeting at church.  All over my skirt.  Awesome.  I also saw the necessity of buying a nursing cover as Faye flashed my whole family.  She sure gave a whole new meaning to modesty.  Also, job hunting, and coping with stress.

And as always, we were visited by a leprechaun.

Something Keith and his cousins look forward to every year.

It is nice to be able to look back and see what fun we had, and be able to plan on making new ones.
Thanks Emmy for this great idea to review my year!


Susan Anderson said…
That really IS fun. I loved all of these posts, too.

Heather said…
I LOVE the idea of having a leprechaun visit!!!!!!!! When Rowan is older and "gets it" I am totally doing that. HOW CUTE!
Emmy said…
So fun to read this and it makes me happy that I remember these posts. You had a busy three months!
Sami said…
I need details about the leprechaun. It looks like fun!

My oldest daughter had a MAJOR blow out diaper on me during Relief Society one day. Luckily, she was a nursing baby, and I was wearing a (mostly) yellow skirt. It blended in pretty well when I washed it off.
Makes for some memorable stories, for sure!
Em said…
Holy Hannah, can't seem to get used to the mother of 2 this week. Just posted about it in my fit of rage. Sigh.
Trish said…
Great idea! How type 2ish...heh heh!
Terra said…
Fabulous! IT is fun to go back and refresh our memories, especially on the good parts, since the not so good parts tend to take over for a while!
Anonymous said…
Reviewing my year is always fun for me, and a time to reflect on growth, and set goals for the coming year. I tend to do this around Thanksgiving, which was no different this year. It's when I write my Christmas letter, and this year it became a newsletter for the first time. I love how it turned out. Now I have to get color copies made and get them sent out. Will be easier next week when school is out for a few weeks, and Olive is fully recovered. Hooray for trying new things, like crafts!
alpinekleins said…
It is a fun advantage to being a dedicated blogger, a year in review with photos. Sometimes I'm so grateful for the pictures I take, or I'd forget some of our best adventures.

What a year! I wonder what you have in store for next year ;)
shortmama said…
The leprachan thing is hilarious!

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