Electronics and toddlers don't mix

My computer died a few days before Christmas.  It was terribly tragic.
I am now left to sneak my husband's computer.  When he is not doing homework.
But since he is always doing homework when he is home, blogging will become more of a back burner thing.  Homework is more important.

So, I may not be around much.  I am sorry.  I am so sorry. 
He assures me this will only be temporary.  He wants me to have my own computer and not have to play on his.  He is a bit protective of his electronics.  Silly boy.  So, if I am a really good girl, and the tax season proves to be lucrative, I should be back to frequent blogging very soon.  In the meantime, I plan on playing with my Silhouette as much as possible.  :)


Susan Anderson said…
I will be missing you, and hope you get your computer situation taken care of soon!

Terra said…
I hope you get your own soon! There will plenty of deals to be had in January as they try to sell the off the rest of 2010!!!
Jenny said…
Well, maybe you can clean the house or something.


Please forgive me for even suggesting that.
Em said…
I feel your pain. It will be liberating a little bit, promise!
Veronica said…
Oh no! I'll miss you, but look forward to seeing what you come up with during your time away. I hope tax season is very good to you!

Happy New Year!

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