Monday, December 13, 2010

The Bewitching Blanket Bunker

"Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  What are we doing today?"

Keith looked up at me with that mischievous grin that you know means trouble.  The one where you know if you don't find something quick, he would find something, and that something would most likely be destructive.

I looked around my house.  I had just finished cleaning, which meant there was time for play. 

After a quick inventory, we decided to build a story fort.  And then commenced to spend quite a while therein.
A special knock was devised.  Blankets and pillows, popcorn and books.  Christmas lights were strung up to give an enchanting light.  Secrets divulged beneath the blankets tickled my ears.  Giggles, whispers, and a whole lot of cuddling and squishing compiled our happy afternoon.

Though it looks out of place and it is in the way, I believe I will leave the fort up for just a few days more.  After all, the price of laughter is gladly paid.  They wont be little forever, and I intend to enjoy this time, and those little hands, and above all else the love they have and crave to give me. 

What a lucky mommy I am.
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