The Advents

Today is the day we get to start our Advent Calendars.
I stayed up late last night, finishing mine.
I wish I could claim to have made it, but that isn't the case. I stayed up so late coming up with activities to do with the kids to count down the days to Christmas.

We have three countdown calendars. 

One is a tree where we move the beads over each day.
One is full of chocolate behind doors.
And one is a cheap-o Target with pockets and a moving gift that goes in each pocket. That is the one that gets the activities put inside of it.
So we wake up in the morning, and do our morning chores. Make the beds, get dressed, and put our clothes away. Then comes breakfast.

When breakfast is cleared up we begin with the Calendars. Keith gets to move the present over, find the activity, and at some point during the day, we will do that activity. If he is good during the day, then before bed he gets to have the chocolate. Otherwise, Faye gets it.

Since we don't do santa Clause here, I figure that is a good way to help him be motivated to be good. Because heaven knows he needs that motivation right now.

I scoured the internet, and racked my brain to come up with these activities. They are included below in no particular order (I cut them out and placed them randomly in the pockets) for your convienience. I hope they help! And Happy December 1st!

Make ornaments out of light bulbs.
Make ginger bread men
Make paper snowflakes
Learn a Christmas song
Make snowball soap
Eat Snow Ice Cream
Christmas lights tour of neighborhood/give a prize to the best
Make outdoor ornaments
Collect pine cones
Make snowman kits
See lights at Temple Square (with Heidi)
Make Cookies
Christmas Story Fort
Charlie Brown Christmas Special
Christmas song/band
Go Caroling
Nativity Pictures/play
Make popcorn balls
Make a snowman
Play a holiday game (Find one)
Make homemade cocoa and marshmallows
Make family gifts
wrap gifts
Jerusalem Supper

And here are the scriptures we read each night before bed to count down to Christmas:
Scripture Christmas Advent Calendar

December 1 -- Moses 6:51–52, 57 -- “Angels We Have Heard on High”
December 2 - Moses 1:6, 33, 39, Deuteronomy 18:15 - “Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful
December 3 - 2 Sam. 7:12–14, Psalm 89:3–4, 28–29, 36–37 -“Once In David’s Royal City”
December 4 - Psalm 24:9–10 - “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night
December 5 - Isaiah 7:14 , Matthew 1:23b - “The First Noel”
December 6 - Isaiah 9:6–7a - “Joy to the World”
December 7 -Isaiah 11:1–4a -“It Came upon a Midnight Clear”
December 8 - Isaiah 40:1–5 - “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing”
December 9 - Micah 5:2 - “O Little Town of Bethlehem”
December 10 - Jeremiah 23:5–6 -“Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains” A Christmas Prayer
December 11 - 1 Nephi 10:4–5 “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen”
December 12 - 1 Nephi 11:13–21a - “What Child Is This?”
December 13 - 2 Nephi 25:19, 26 -“O Holy Night”
December 14 - Jacob 4:4–5a - “Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella”
December 15 - Jacob 7:11–12 “Joy to the World”
December 16 -Malachi 3:1 - “I Heard the Bells
December 17 - Mosiah 3:5–8 -“O, Come, All Ye Faithful”
December 18 -Alma 7:9–10 – “Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby
December 19 - Helaman 14:2–8 -“Stars Were Gleaming”
December 20 - Luke 1:26–38 -“Lo, How a Rose E’re Blooming”
December 21 - Matthew 1:18–25 - “With Wondering Awe”
December 22 - Luke 1:39–56 - “Away in a Manger”
December 23 - 3 Nephi 1:13–14 “Once within a Lowly Stable”
December 24 - Luke 2:1–7, Matthew 1:25b, Luke 2:8–16 -“Silent Night”


CB said…
I love all advents and countdowns! All of yours are so fun!
I had my first chocolate Advent when I was 7 and I still love those things - ha ha!
You are a fun mom!!
I'm not a big crafter, and we've always wanted to get an Advent calendar. Just every year we forget. Yesterday I told my girls that we would make paper wreaths (think I might have gotten the idea from you!). We'll take a link off each night before bed.

And thank you for posting the Advent scriptures. I've printed them out, for my own use, and will read them before I go to bed each night.
Brea Marie said…
That's what I was doing last night. Doing the final preps for our advent activities. We are doing a puzzle that creates the natvity that I found and printed off of sugardoodle. Then we are going to unwrap a Christmas movie every day to watch together. Plus unwrap a Christmas book every evening to read. (Of course we already own most of the books and movies, but there will be a few surprises of new ones.) Hope you have a fabulous countdown to Christmas!
Familia Morales said…
Oh I just love that Christmas tree advent! I've never done advent calendars before, but you're ideas sound awesome! I might just have to start a new tradition. I especially love that you have scriptures picked out for every night. Your family is lucky to have you!

BTW: How do you make snowball soap?
Lourie said…
Well I won't be able to do the snow activities unless I go to the mountains, but I like a lot of these...since my kids are all in school, I really only need the week of Christmas. Nice. :) Love the scripture references too.
Noodle said…
Thanks for the reminder I need to pull mine out and finnish it.... We all ways fought over the advent growing up... My brother Rodney always got to put the Star on the tree becuase the Star was alway in Dec 1st and it was his birthday... I thought that was no fair!!! But it was tradition that who ever got up frist could put the ordament on the tree advent... I being a moring person usally only got to do it when every one else forgot... Or I would stay up until 12:01 and hurry and put up an ordament then go to bed... hehehe
You are an amazing Momma Amy :) I love all these ideas!!!!
Terra said…
How fun! I have not heard your no santa story! Is it on the blog? Since I am newbie I am not in the know! Your kids will have a blast with your advents!!!
Sami said…
Looks like you're pretty busy during the day, just with advent calendars! We have the chocolate advent calendars, and we also have a Christmas book, that includes a scripture, a song, and some little Christmas story in it for each night. Like a Family Home Evening, every night in December. It's awesome!
From the looks of your activities, you must get a lot of snow where you live! Here in Texas...not so much.
Susan Anderson said…
I really LOVE that tree with the beads. Best thing ever for advent!

We have a wall hanging with pockets that I put candy in. Then, a reindeer jumps from day to day.

Your bead tree definitely wins there.

We have one that hangs on the wall, but I love the bead idea...I have never seen one like that before. I just might have to make us one!
Em said…
I am behind. Need my advent. With chocolate.

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