Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day, Anyone?

Happy Turkey Day!

Finally, it has come.  The official day of gratitude.

Last night around 9:00 I got a call from my parents.  They are visiting my brother in MO right now.  They had heard about the freezing temperatures and needed me to go to their house and turn their heater on since they had turned it off right before they left.  I didn't want to go out, because I knew how cold it was (16*) but since they had given life to me and raised me despite my teen years, I decided I ought to be the obedient child and help them out.  It would be sad if their pipes froze.  I bundled up, and went out into the cold night air. 

Did I mention it was cold?  It was.

I got to the house and found everything bolted up.  I have a key to the front door, but not to the dead bolt.  So I got on the cell and called my dad.  After trying to get in through every single window, trying to learn how to jimmy open a door with a credit card and nearly breaking the door, dropping the phone several times due to loss of feeling in fingers, losing feeling in my lips so all my words sounded funny, and finally finding a window that wasn't barred, I climbed in.  All of that took about 45 minutes.  Of standing out. in. the. cold.

I was able to get the heat turned on, the apples tucked in their blankets (so they wouldn't freeze) and everything else taken care of. 

Boy oh boy, that was an adventure!  Suffice it to say, I have decided that the next time my parents go out of town, I get a key to the dead bolt, or they are not allowed to dead bolt it ever again!  So there.

That said, I am so thankful for a heated house (did I already use that one this week?  Well, its true.)!  And I am glad I was able to help my parents out, after all they have done for me.  I was able to return the favor, kind of, finally.

And now, Happy Thankisgiving!  From my house to yours.
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