Thursday, November 11, 2010

Train Dreaming

Today our membership for the Dinosaur Park and affiliated parks expires. 
It has served us well.  We got more than our money back.  And the hours of fun were beyond description.

In honor of that, I took the kids to the train museum yesterday.
We had a lot of fun running around, chasing the trains, playing Mr. Conductor, and wearing ourselves out.

I am so going to buy another year pass.  Absolutely mah-velous.
I love going there and dreaming of all the people who frequented the train station.  Their stories, the excitement, the sadness, and most of all, the clothes.  Those dresses and top hats make me swoon.  I guess you could say I am a bit of a nostalgic romantic.
We love learning!

Last night, Keith was telling me the story of Jesus.  He was looking at a book, and one of the pictures show the crucifixion.  Keith saw that and said "That is so sad!  I will save him!  I have to roll the dice."  I laughed pretty hard.  He sees his dad playing games with dice rolling often.  I love that I got to cuddle up on his bed, sharing the blankets, and explain the atonement to him.  What a special moment.

And now for my daily gratitude list.
1~ I am so grateful that I can be a stay at home mom.  What a blessing it is for me to be able to teach my children.  To be able to cuddle them and play with them all day long.  I am one of the lucky few.
2~ I am so so grateful for my husband.  He goes to a job he hates every day so I can stay home with the kids.  He sacrifices and works hard on his homework so he can provide a better life for us.  Nearly everything he does is to make us happy and comfortable.  He is a good man.
3~ I am thankful for an electric washer and dryer.  Today is laundry day.  I think I would cry if I had to do it all by hand.  Wow.  I cannot even fathom.  We have it easy.
4~ I am thankful for imagination and the many hours of fun that I (and my family) derive from that simple little thing.  A little imagination makes life so much easier and more enjoyable.  Yessir.
5~ Old friends.  Once a week our friends from clear back in the day come over and we visit and talk and laugh until our stomachs ache and our eyes water.  Last night was the night.  I am so lucky to have my friends.  They are wonderful.  I am even luckier that Jeffrey is friends with them as well, so they come over to see both of us and there is no awkwardness at all.  What a blessing they are to me.


Susan Anderson said...

That train station is something else! Really a cool one.


Terra said...

look at you keeping your list! Way to go!

I wish I had a museum like that, I might just get lost in the sentiment and never leave.

Thinking I need to hit the google...somewhere near me I bet I have something like this!

Francisca and Chris said...

You are not going to renew you pass? That is so sad!!!!

I love taking my kids to museums like that :)

Heather said...

where is this train museum?

Lourie said...

Love your list. I would have smelly gross clothes if I had to do it by hand. I will not buy a garment if it is hand wash. Too much trouble. :P

Emmy said...

That is so sweet and so funny what he said about the Savior. Where is that train museum? It looks awesome and Lucas loves trains, we might have to go next time we go to Utah.

Em said...

I love passes.