Things that make me smile

Last month my crush was Psyche.  That show sure makes me laugh!

This month it is 21 Jump Street.

Johnny Depp in one of his first roles.  That guy can act!  And whether or not you like Depp, there is no denying, he is one amazing actor.  Any role, every role, he pulls it off brilliantly!  Just saying.  Not many actors can be so versatile.   And that show makes me happy.  But that is not why it makes me so happy.  Depp is great, but Peter Delousie blows everyone out of the water.  Then again, I am a sucker for the Brooklyn accent.  Either way, what a great cast, and a great reminder of how awesome the 80's were.  Just makes me smile.

So does relishing in the bounty of fall.  I knew it would snow today (which it did) so we played in those leaves all weekend long.  Something I doubt will ever tire me.

That is what the yard looked like during nap time.

And then the kids woke up, and the fun began.

Keith declared he was a tree.  Then he was a tree with a crown.  And then a king.  A very handsome king I do so declare.

His best friend joining his Kingship.

Snow pictures tomorrow. 


Snow??? We still are wearing short sleeves down here!

Too cute for words those leaf pics! So where do you watch these old shows I've never heard of.
Susan Anderson said…
Wow. You have got fall goin' ON, my friend!

Trish said…
How fun! We do not get winter here, just a long fall. It sometimes will freeze once or twice overnight though. And then sometimes a few days of cold spell. That's all. Beautiful leaves!
Terra said…
I just love pictures of kids and leaves! FUN! I am jealous you already got snow...but mine is is. Where are you by the way...Guess I need to peek at your profile!
Laura said…
I love me some Johnny Depp!
Love all the leaf pictures, those are a couple of cuties you have! Did the snow stick around? We had snow a couple weeks ago but it melted within a couple of hours.
Lara Neves said…
So fun! Faye is getting so big and I love fall pictures. Love.

And I fell in love with Johnny Depp when I was a teen ager and 21 Jump Street was on TV.

I've been wondering about Psyche. Will have to watch.
alpinekleins said…
I've always had a secret crush on Johnny Depp! Pirates . . . lovely! Chocolat . . . entrancing! Edward Scissorhands - adorable . . .

Anonymous said…
Oh I'm so jealous you get to play in the leaves! Palm trees don't change color or shed their leaves in the fall. And your kidlets are getting so adorable and big, tell them to slow down, will you!

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