Poopy Day

This morning we sat around the table eating breakfast.  Keith was playing and dropped his spoon into the gallon of milk.  Awesome.  I sent him to his room to play so I could finish feeding Faye.  I heard

"Mommy!  I peeped in my diaper."
I told him I would change it when I finished feeding Faye.

"Mommy!  Come change my diaper.  I need my diaper changed.  I peeped in it.  I need you Mommy!" which went on for about 5 minutes non stop.  Finally, I saw him running down the hall with no diaper on.

I told him to go to his room and I would be there in a minute.

This is what I saw when I got there:

In case it is  hard to tell, that is his  diaper and its contents all over the rug and his new cape.

Not my favorite way to start the morning.  I am hoping this is not foreshadowing on the whole day.  And the boy still refuses to learn to use the potty!  He insists on wearing a diaper and staying a little boy.

I feel bad.  I yelled at him.  For a long time.  The whole time I cleaned it up, in fact.  He cried and I still yelled.  What a bad mother am I.  For some reason, I just don't have my usual amount of patience lately.  I need to work on that.


Noodle said…
despite how you are feeling with keiths potty training and the mess he made... its a good sign... Once they start dressing them selfs and undressing there self they are that much closer... Plus when they are unwilling to sit (even for a little while) in there own messes... That means that they are ready... Good luck keeping your sainty... I almsot lost mine with Sammy (I started potty training her before she was ready can we say bashing my head against a wall!!!)
Susan Anderson said…
Oh, dear. I think anybody might have lost it at that sight!

Hang in, my friend. He will get the idea eventually.

Emmy said…
Sorry :( I would have totally yelled too. Something I am trying not to do, but I think I totally would have then
mub said…
Oh gosh, I can't say I envy you ;) I agree with Leslie though, it seems like he may be showing signs of being ready (I know YOU are *L*).
Lourie said…
Awww don't beat yourself up about it. You had no idea what was happening. And maybe this will kind of move him in the direction of potty training. I always hated that part.
Oh I've had these mornings! Are they not just the lovliest way to start the day? (((HUGS)))

PS: Diapers are back? We were on Potty Training boot camp but failed :( We are gonna try again in December during winter break.
Terra said…
Ok, I am so full of thoughts on this one...I laughed of course, because it didn't happen this morning to me, then I felt so bad for you because I totally know how you are feeling about the yelling and I just want to say we are HUMAN...we can't be perfect all the time and even when we know we aren't doing "right" by the moment we are allowed to have those moments (within reason of course!) and well, your sweet little sunshine and all his PEEP will survive!!! So take a deep breath, eat a cookie, drink some tea, tell him you love him twice when you tuck him in tonight and start tomorrow without PEEP on the floor ( I HOPE!!!)
Familia Morales said…
You're a good mom Amy. Poop drives every mom to the edge of insanity. Sorry about your day, hope it gets better.
Trish said…
I think many of us moms ought to skip out on the labels "bad mom" and "good mom". Instead, see the outcome of your actions and feel where you and your child are. Then make a new decision.
Veronica said…
If that had been me and Alex in the same situation it would have gone the exact same way. With me yelling at him the whole time I cleaned it up.

In fact that did happen the other day except I had told him to leave his cereal on the table three times while I finished up stuff for the girls and he picked it up and it spilled all over the floor. I yelled while I cleaned it up and he went crying to his sisters for comfort. But then I felt like a horrible mom for reacting the way I did and hugged him and he said sorry and I said sorry too.

Sometimes days can be so frustrating. I'm right there with ya.


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