Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nothing is Ever Free.

I am tired.  And disappointed. 

All weekend I was entering give aways in hopes I would be one of the lucky ones to win the Silhouette. 

I wasn't.

And now I am justifiably disappointed. And know that nothing is ever free.  Someone else won because of the thousands (millions?) of women spending hours entering giveaways.  That doesn't make sense,  but it is late and works in my mind.

So I am going to bed to dream about the day I will have one

In the meantime, I did promise a picture of our Christmas Ladder.  It still doesn't have lights on it.  I will get those up soon.

And Keith helping me decorate. 
And Faye showing me what she wants for Christmas.  My purse and cell phone have become permanent fixtures in her little clutches!
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