Nothing is Ever Free.

I am tired.  And disappointed. 

All weekend I was entering give aways in hopes I would be one of the lucky ones to win the Silhouette. 

I wasn't.

And now I am justifiably disappointed. And know that nothing is ever free.  Someone else won because of the thousands (millions?) of women spending hours entering giveaways.  That doesn't make sense,  but it is late and works in my mind.

So I am going to bed to dream about the day I will have one

In the meantime, I did promise a picture of our Christmas Ladder.  It still doesn't have lights on it.  I will get those up soon.

And Keith helping me decorate. 
And Faye showing me what she wants for Christmas.  My purse and cell phone have become permanent fixtures in her little clutches!


Terra said…
ok the ladder is adorable! and the kids, even cuter! I love that she loves your bag and phone! Too cute
Emmy said…
That ladder is cute!! I have been entering lots of photography giveaways and not winning either.
Heather said…
I know :0( I am bummed too. I was hoping by some small miracle that one of us would win. And you're right, someone did win- the Silhouette SD company! I bet they made bank yesterday! Don't worry, someday we will have our own little crafty machine- until then let's make it our mission to find someone who has one that wants to share with us! :0)

The ladder is super cute. I would have never thought of that- and after Christmas, I LOVE the idea of hanging it on the wall.
Sami said…
I may be the only person in the world who doesn't know this, but what is a silhouette?
Wll yor ladder have white lights, or muli colored lights? I'm trying to picture it when it's all done.

Faye...texter in training, perhaps?
Jenny said…
Awww, I'm so sorry you didn't win. Next time for sure!

Adorable ladder. I would have never thought of that!
Lara Neves said…
I'm sorry you didn't win.

I entered a few of those, too. But no luck. Someday!

Love the Christmas ladder, love the kids, and I have to say, I am really loving your purse! :)
What is a silhouette? Sorry you didn't win :(

Faye looks all cosmopolitan baby w/a purse and phone. I love it! That is a "Francisca Style" baby if I ever saw one ;)

Ladder and Keith are cute!
Trish said…
Wow, you still have that purse? Amazing! I don't know what happened to mine! A lot of my stuff got lost after my mission.
The latter is so festive.

I am sorry you did not win! I think that is why I get so excited when I finally do. I do not have the time involved to enter lots of giveaways, so when I do finally win is a huge deal!
Em said…
I hope you enter the extravaganza on my blog every week bc I'd much rather send my rod works gift to you than someone I don't know!!!! But you can't win unless you enter;-)

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