Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Hero

I have been inspired by so many lovely women.  The first one I want to mention is my little sister Lorie.

She lives in Maryland and has recently started a charity.  How awesome is that?  Her husband is in the military, and while he was in Afghanistan, they were talking.  He mentioned how sad it was that in the winter months the children were still running around outside in either flipflops or barefoot.  That thoughts stayed with her for a few years.  After stewing over it for a while, she decided to start collecting gently used childrens' shoes to send to the children in Afghanistan.  She is my hero today. 

You can see her blog Toasty Tootsies here, and if you want to contribute, bless you!  You are my hero as well.

I have also been inspired by several women to make a big change in my life and to document it with a new blog.  It all started with the comparison of these photos here.

(note the difference in the face)

And then Lourie of Ca Girl and her Metabolism Blues blog, and my friend from high school Tricia with her Rawkin blog.  I am determined.  I know weight loss is a boring topic.  Everyone is always talking about it and I am no exception.  But I plan to be an exception when I go from being fubsy to svelte.  You can follow my progress at Fleeing Fubsy.  (And a big thank you to Kim for introducing me to that word!  I love it.  It makes me smile every time I use it.)

And, I just made a new blog button!  Grab one.  Share your Involuntary Smile pride!
One other thing.  I found the funniest music video.  It is in my left sidebar.  It is called Swaggin Wagon.  Check it out and laugh with me.  That is your prize for sticking to the end of this overly boring post.  :)
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