Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Magic of Gratitude

As promised, the kidlets in their snow apparel.  We didn't stay outside very long yesterday as it was a very wet snow and neither Faye nor I have shoes compatible with that kind of snow.  But it was fun, and lots of dancing and kicking leaves and melting snowflakes on our noses and tongues was done.  I love the enthusiasm my kids have for the outdoors!

On a different tangent:

As I was perusing blogs today, I came across my friend Kristin's blog.  She had the most beautiful list of gratitude, and it got me thinking.

I try to live every moment to its fullest.  But I don't often stop and look at all my blessings. 

Today I am feeling a well of gratitude bubbling up.  I have decided to count my blessings.  “Counting my blessings...but not one by one. By fives. Because when it comes to counting my blessings, I am a real show-off.” ~ (Emmy Mom's blog)

1~ Keith wanted to wear his big boy undies today.  Subsequently, he even made it to the potty!  The small things that make a mother proud.

2~The grace and beauty of the world we live in.  No matter what the weather, season or time of day, I am in love with it all.

3~   The goodness and kindness of neighbors and family.  I never want to move as I have the best neighbors in the world!  Sadly, a move is inevitable.  But I sure enjoy being here while I can.

4~ Pumpkins.  All the things you can do with pumpkins.  Pie, soup, seeds, dinner in a pumpkin, jack o lanterns, freeze it for later, and the list goes on.

5~ a living Prophet to give us the counsel we need today.

This is kind of fun!  Please join in on your blogs.  Take a moment each day to find a few things that make you happy for which you are grateful, all the way up until Thanksgiving.  As you do this, you will find more and more things to be grateful for, and it will snowball out of control.  "Like Magic!" as Keith says.
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