I Can't Believe Its Been a Year!

She came quickly and changed my life forever.

Well, I guess quickly isn't exactly right.  I mean, I did have to wait the full nine months.  But when she decided to enter this world, man alive did she come fast!

One year ago today the sun was shining and it was warm out.  At least it felt warm to me, the walking whale like woman.  I remember the most important thing on my mind that day was to get some sparkling something (cider, grape juice, I didn't care what) to celebrate her arrival.  As soon as the nurses left us alone in the room, we broke it out, and with smiles to the moon and soft voices so as not to disturb her, we toasted the wonderful addition to our family.
I marveled that she slept the night through.  Her very first night and she didn't make a peep.  It scared me to death, and pleased me at the same time.  I woke her up once to feed her (so happy that she would let me as her brother refused anything but the bottle) and fell asleep with her nestled in my arms.

I was told she looked just as I had looked as a newborn.  But I have never in my life been as beautiful as she is.
And so today, my heart is overflowing with gratitude.  I am so happy and blessed to have such a delicious morsel of an angel in my life.
Faye Emma is so good and mild tempered.  She isn't a super smiley baby, but when she does smile it is generally accompanied with a gurgling laugh as clear as a winter spring.  She has a Mona Lisa smile that could melt marble.  Animals make her happiest.
Animal books or pictures, live or stuffed.  An animal of some sort will always dry her tears.  She loves to play with her brother, and even teases him some.  She is a cuddler, but not nearly as much as Keith is/was.
She is busy, and her favorite place to be is with me or Jeffrey.  She smells exquisite all of the time, and my heart is bursting with pride and admiration and love for that adorable little girl.  She is a trooper.
On Monday Faye had a fever.  She was sick all week, and today, she woke up with a rash.  It was an itchy rash as well.  The poor girl was suffering so much, I broke down and finally took her into the doctor's office.  There I was given all of her stats and I don't know why, but when I get the stats for my kids I am as pleased as punch over them.
Faye is 35" long (75th percentile) and weighs 20 lbs (30th percentile).  She used to be in the 90th for weight, but since she decided to walk early on, she lost a lot.  And she is the cutest thing ever.  After they gave her the shots, she cried until the sucker was popped into her mouth.  Tears ceased instantly. 
 And so, to make a long story short-er.  Happy birthday my beautiful daughter!

Grateful List
1~ I am grateful that I get to be the mother of such beautiful and good children.  Keith amazes me every day with how good he is, and I know Faye is the same way.
2~ I am so grateful and excited for the wind that is in the forcast.  I love wind!  Oh, and the snow makes me a little giddy as well.
3~ I am thankful for suckers at the doctor's office and at the bank.  Nothing can keep a small child occupied like a sucker! 
4~ I am thankful for immunizations.  Thank heavens my children don't have to deal with chicken pox like I did.  What a horrible itchy disease!  And all the others on top of it.  So glad they can be spared.
5~ But mostly, today, I am thankful for Faye. 


Familia Morales said…
Happy Birthday to Faye! She's a beautiful little girl!
Heather said…
Happy birthday, indeed. She is a lovely little thing. I can't wait to even things out at my household :0)
Susan Anderson said…
Happy birthday, Faye! You are indeed an adorable little girl.

(Just like the big girl who is your mom...)

Jenny said…
She is an absolutely beautiful morsel of babyness!

What a lovely, heart-touching post.

This made me tear up...you are awesome...I love how you love...full on, full tilt, no half-measures.

Laura said…
She is absolutely precious!
Happy Birthday Little Miss Faye!
Trish said…
Happy Birthday Faye!
Sami said…
What a beautiful little girl! Happy belated birthday to Faye!

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