I am Woman, Hear Me Roar! or The Tale of The Leaky Faucet

Yesterday was a good day.  The house was warm, clean and cozy.  The kids were being so good.  I was able to spend the majority of my time cuddling them and catering to their every need.  I love being able to do that.  The morning was deliciously spent cuddling over the heater, and reading stories.  The kids went down for their naps perfectly, and I had time to study my scriptures (yay!), shower, and even clean!

Before the kids woke up from their naps, one of my renters called me.  She said that the bathroom sink was leaking.  You would think that would flip my day from good to bad, but nothing could change my good mood.

And it got even better.

I, by myself (with over the phone help from my dad), alone took apart the bathroom sink, and fixed. the. leak.
I did it!  And the feeling of accomplishment is still giving me a high today.  Bring on the leaky sinks!  I can take you down.  And it isn't even very hard (now that I know how to do it that is).

Not my sink. I forgot my camera. This is from the kindness of Google.
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I feel like I can conquer the world.  I just added to my fix it repertoire.  I can change oil, bleed the clutch, hang dry wall, fix a broken heater, and now fix a leaky sink.  Boo-ya!  (is that word even used anymore?)

When I finished, I sauntered out of the house into the cold.  I could feel my breath freeze as it left my body.  It was very cold.  In jubilation, I decided we needed to celebrate.  Jeffrey had stayed home so he could do homework.  That meant he had to put the kids to bed.  Which meant there was a chance he would feel as if he were eaten alive.  We needed to celebrate with "Pizza, teley, and (root)beer."

And so despite (or because of) a leaky faucet, my day was awesome!

Gratitude List
1~ I am thankful for my father.  He is so patient and willing to help at the drop of a hat.  I couldn't have fixed that faucet without him.
2~ I am grateful for books and my childrens' love for reading.  There is nothing as delightful as a child who brings you books all day long, insisting you read to them.
3~ I am grateful for wet wipes.  They sure make changing diapers so much easier, and cut down on laundry.
4~ I am so so grateful for Faye's animal book.  When she wakes up at 3:00 am with no desire to go back to sleep, I just have to lay down on the floor, pull out the book and talk about the animals.  We don't even turn on the lights.  She knows those pages so well, and it helps her sleep.  And it makes me happy that she will go down again (4:00) without tears.  Whew!
5~ I am thankful for pretty and cheap scrapbook paper.  It makes me want to make pretty things out of it, which adds to my love of crafting.  Yay!


Susan Anderson said…
And I am grateful that isn't your arm changing that faucet!


PS. Seriously, Amy, You ARE woman. And I DO hear you roar!! Waaaaay cool.
You go girl!!! I envy the one on one time you and Jeffery get, so sweet and romantic.
Gina said…
You SHOULD be proud! Boo-ya indeed!!
Anonymous said…
Nice job on the sink! I don't even know what bleeding the clutch means so you have another one one me there!
Erin said…
Wow, good for you to be able to fix the sink like that! I'm totally impressed.
Lara Neves said…
I LOVE it when I can fix something by myself. Good for you.

Loved your gratitude list, too.
Emmy said…
You go girl! We always call it beer too :).
Em said…
That deserves a night out!

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