Greed, Just in Time for Thanksgiving.

I have never felt so greedy in all my life.  I am doing everything in my power to win the contest for the Silhouette SD.  Be Different Act Normal (one of my favorite idea blogs) is hosting the giveaway, and I am doing praying in all shapes and forms that I can win this.  I NEED one.  So, I would tell you to go over, but only so you can see how awesome Lorie's blog is, and not so you can enter her drawing.  Got it?  ;)  Well, I guess because I like all of you so much, you can enter too.  Just send good thoughts/prayers my way so that I can win it.  And yes, I am being greedy.


Happy Belated Thanksgiving.
Blessings fly your way...

awards/treats 4 u

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