Forced Cold Turkey

A sad thing happened last week. I have been forced to quite my blogging addiction.  I am going this cold turkey.  By no choice of my own, mind you. Google sites stopped opening on my computer around Friday of last week.  Jeffrey looked at it, and said that it was sick.  So, I am in the process of saving all of my photos, and then he is going to have to wipe and reinstall everything.  Again.

I am stealing a few moments on his computer while he is not doing homework for this last fix.  Then it is back to he cold turkey.  Just in time for Thanksgiving, right?  Turkey... get it?

Anyway, blogging is not really something I can do right now.  Suffice it to say, that my house will be very clean and my children very tired of reading and playing with me.  Until the computer is fixed, I say adieu.


Terra said…
We will be here when you get back...or when your computer is healthy!!!
Jenny said…
Oh girl, I share your pain! Be brave. Look to the future. Find a support group.

In the meantime, please accept a hug of consolation from me.
Susan Anderson said…
What a drag, Amy. Hope you're up and running again, soon. And in the meantime...Enjoy the kids!


PS. I'm chuckling at Jenny's comment. ;)
I'll be quitting my blog, too. Another sort of forced quit, or forced realization, anyway.
Lara Neves said…
Not such a horrible thing, either. Have fun with your kids and your clean house! :)
Emmy said…
Hope it gets fixed soon!
Em said…
It was the worst and best thing that happened to me last summer;-)
Fix it quickly :) We will miss you in the mean time!

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