Black Friday at its Best

The counters are full of dirty dishes to be washed and put away.

But they will keep.

My children are full of unspeakable energy.  They are teasing and playing with each other.  I hear screams followed by laughter which fade back into screams.
The sun is glistening off the snow outside my window and I am wrapped up in my sweet home.  Playing with the kids and occasionally being pushed into the kitchen by guilt.  I walk in, look around, grab a bite of leftovers, and wander back out.

Classic Christmas music is playing.  By classic I mean Louis Prima, Bing Crosby, etc.  Every other song or so we break into a mix of the Charleston, ballet, and spinning in circles until we are sick and collapse in a heap on top of each other, in fits of giggles.  Which then turns into pillow/blanket fights.
Oh how I love this day.  I am letting them wear themselves out so I can put them down for naps.  While they are sleeping I plan to tackle the dreaded kitchen.  I have to get it clean before they wake up, because sugar cookies are wanting to be created and played with and eventually eaten.
This is how we spend Black Friday.  Safely tucked in our warm house and away from the madness and chaos that is raging on the streets and in the stores.  Creating memories and contentment.


Heather said…
Normally we stay tucked inside as well, but today Jon and I decided to hit up BF- although much much later than the crazy people who get up in the early am hours. Of course we didn't score any of the deal since we didn't arrive til 10:30- we were hoping to get a doodle board for Rowan- Kmart was selling them for like $7 today. Oh well- we got one at Walmart for $10. Good enough for me! Back home now- and yes, it was crazy and my choice not to participate in BF (on most occasions) has been reaffirmed! Oh- sugar cookies, how I love thee....
honest reflections,
love the cute smiles on the images..
Happy Friday!

awards/treats 4 u
Terra said…
A perfect way to spend the day~
Susan Anderson said…
Great job of sharing the "feel" of your holiday. It sounds wonderful, by the way.

Mine is pretty crazy and hectic, but also wonderful. I'll be back posting on Monday.

Trish said…
Smart idea! We went out yesterday, saw the crowds and then left. Why go shopping on the same day? Seems silly to me!
Gina said…
So much better than germy, crabby, crazy crowds!
Lourie said…
I ended up going out. Otherwise I was home. I didn't get up before the sun. I strolled out around 2 to buy a string of lights and a birthday present. We were in and out. Most of the madness was over. We decorated and made brownies. Yum.
Anonymous said…
Oh happy day! I am right there with ya. Good for you and the memories you are making with those precious ones!!
Jenny said…
I adore the way you love your family!

You are soooo amazing!
Emmy said…
Sounds like the perfect Black Friday. Such fun pictures, truly captures the energy and fun of the moment
Sami said…
Sounds like my kind of Black Friday! I don't usually do the crazed shopping either. On occasion there will be something on sale that we "need" and I will make my husband venture out at 4 am to get it. I never go.
I'm pretty sure I'm not missing anything either...
I shopped till I died but I'm done now so the rest of my Fridays and my Sat-Thurs will now be more like your Black Friday ;) I love the old Singers and Standards Christmas. Chris got me a classic cd w/Bing, Frank, Louie, and the rest of the gang. Nothing beats an old fashion Christmas!

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