Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I always have so much to say, and then when I sit down and actually start typing, my mind draws a blank.  Go figure.  So, these are just a few of the things on my mind right now.

*  I am feeling cheated right now.  All day yesterday I was promised a phenomenal storm.  I was excited.  I waited and waited and waited.  Finally, around 6:00 it started snowing.  The wind was going crazy so the snow seemed like there was a whole lot more of it than there actually was.  Around 9:00 it stopped snowing.  Where was my blizzard?  Where were my mountains of snow?  Where was my husband because work should have been canceled?  The snow was minimal.  Two or three inches at most.  And no work was canceled, because the storm wimped out.  I am feeling extremely let down about now.

*  Faye refuses to drink milk.  Not that I can really blame her.  I personally can't stand milk.  Only in my cereal will I eat it.  Also, I have read about the ill effects of milk (don't stone me!  I know its extremely controversial.  I just do for my family what I think is best and staying away from milk is one of those things.) so I don't feel too badly about it.  In fact, I am somewhat pleased.  I still offer it to her, just so I have that base covered, but when she spits it out every time, I think "good for her!" and will be offering her lots of avocados and peanut butter to compensate for fats she needs for brain development.  Besides, I don't feel like it is the end of the world as there are many babies who have a dairy allergy and they survive just fine.

*  Potty training is going awesomely.  Keith has not had a single accident since I last wrote about it.  I may be jinxing myself now, but I am awfully excited about that.  What a good boy I have!  An absolute angel.  Most of the time.  The other day he accidentally kneed me in the face.  It hurt.  I told him he needed to be careful as he had just hurt me.  He said "I will kiss it better!"  I leaned in for the kiss, and was licked instead.  He thought he was so funny.  I have to admit, I thought it was pretty funny as well. 

*  I am getting excited for tomorrow.  But I am a little stuck on what to do all day with the little ones since we already decorated for Christmas.  Any ideas?  What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving activities/traditions?  I am thinking we may go outside and play catch.  But Keith hasn't quite learned how to catch, or throw, so there is a whole lot of ball chasing that goes along with that.  But I suppose the more we do it, the better he will be, right?

Today I am thankful for
1~ A freshly shoveled and salted walk.  It was a lot of fun for Keith and me to go out and while I worked he played in the snow.  And the satisfaction of having a ice free walk makes me happy.  I guess I am thankful that I can work.
2~ Hot cocoa after working in the cold is sublime.  And having a heated house to be able to retreat to is also wonderful.  What a life we have now as opposed to those who came years before us.
3~ Faye's robotic cat.  She love all animals in every way shape and form.  But for some reason the real animals sometimes run from her.  Go figure, hu?  The robotic cat is helping her learn how to be soft around animals, and though she is somewhat afraid of it still, she adores it and carries it around with her.
4~I am so grateful for Jeffrey.  Last night he stopped and did some grocery shopping on his way home from work.  Now we are carb loaded for the next little while.  He hates grocery shopping, but did it anyway.  What a sweet man.
5~ I am thankful for the wind.  Wind makes me so happy.  Yesterday I took the kids for a walk.  the wind was intense.  Both kids were in the double stroller.  I let go of it for a moment, and had to run to catch up with it.  The wind blew the 55 lbs of my kids along with the stroller clear down the road.  Good thing we were in an empty parking lot!  I got quite a work out trying to keep the stroller going in a straight line, and walking against the wind.  When we were being pushed by the wind, that was the easiest walk I had ever had!  Wind just makes me giddy!
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