And now begins the final countdown.

I was a little worried for this week.  Namely for Thanksgiving.  For some bizarre reason our families decided it would be a good idea to host Thanksgiving on the same year.  So every other year we are stuffed to the rafters, and then on the off year... well, we don't really have plans.

This year is an off year.  So I decided it would be fun to do a little Thanksgiving dinner with my little family.  And our extended family.  And by extended I mean our three bachelor-ish friends who come over every week.  They are basically family.  Jeffrey has to work on Thursday, so while he is working we will be baking pies and putting up Christmas decorations during the day.  When Jeffrey gets home and the friends/family come over we will begin our little dinner.  Yum!

So excited for this week.

The final countdown!
1~ I am thankful for spontaneous rolling and kissing in the leaves while trying to rake them all up before the snows came.  Jeffrey isn't often romantic like that, but this past week he really stepped it up.
2~ I am thankful for the snows waiting until I finished planting bulbs for the spring.  And for the snow.  Sweet fluffy candy from the sky.  That is what Keith thinks it is.
3~ I am thankful for walks in the snow.  After church and naps today, we bundled up and went for a walk.  The sunset was incredible, the air was crisp, and there were lots of snowballs eaten and thrown.  Sweet.
4~ Netflix is my friend.  Really.
5~ I am thankful for my nursery calling.  I love those kids (all 20 + of them) and the women (and man) that serve with me.  Wonderful.


I'm thankful for Food Network's site! This will be my first one too. Should be good!
Terra said…
A stress free Holiday sounds wonderful to me...a year off...Hmmmmm.. I like that.
Susan Anderson said…
What a fun Thanksgiving you will have, making your own little family.

Those can be some of the best memories, with friends.

Sami said…
We live too far away from family to spend Thanksgiving together, so it's usually a low key event with just our little family. HOWEVER...this year I am hosting Christmas for my whole family, so I'm very thankful for the low key celebration before the BIG one.
How much you wanna bet I screw something up?
Lourie said…
Your Thanksgiving sounds like it will be really nice. Enjoy!

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