Monday, October 25, 2010

Witch Watch

Gardner Village is one of the cutest quaintest places I love.

It is an old mill that was changed into a restaurant.  A lot of old houses that were near destruction were transported to the same property as the mill, and then made into darling retail shops.

In October, the witches come out.  First, the fun still life kind, and then the real witches.  One weekend in October there is a great witch festival where thousands of people dress up as witches, convene at Gardner Village, and then... well, actually, I don't know what they do.  I never stay that late.  Kids.  You know.

So Friday my sister in law and I met up there with our kids and browsed.  Love those shops!  Mostly too expensive.  A hot dog was $4.5o.  Wow, hu?  Bring your own lunch if you want to go.  And here are the photos of the witches and the very sleepy children.

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