EXTRA, EXTRA!!! Super Grover Has Landed, Now, Mothers Can Sleep.

Big sigh of relief is exhaled.

By me.

Keith, however, cannot sleep.

He is too excited.

All his dreams came true.
Super hero cape, cowboy boots, bumblebee transformer car, bonfire in the mountains, and lots and lots of sweets. 
I think that spells s-u-c-c-e-s-s.  Happy sweet success.  
And now I can breathe.

And the best part, sleep!


Terra said…
What a wonderful birthday 3 is. So full of excitement...it is the first year they kind of mostly "get it" looks like your little man had a great one and I hope you slept!
Em said…
look at that cake!!! lucky lucky boy. brennan loves the outfit.
Susan Anderson said…
Awww. Three years old!

What a cutie.

Noodle said…
You did a great job on the cape HOW FUN!!! I so need to get in gear and get Sammy's birthday stuff together... I don't even know what I'm doing yet.... sigh... I love the cake it turned out so cute!!!
Malinda said…
So fun!! You are one cool mom!!
Familia Morales said…
Your cape and cake turned out awesome! What a happy boy, way to go mama!
Chantel said…
That cake is so cute!! Good job.
Emmy said…
Cute cape! You did it! That cake looks so yummy
Trish said…
Wow, already three?! Amazing! And Faye is about to turn one as well! What a fun birthday it looks like!

And happy birthday to you! Hope it is great!
Veronica said…
3 years old! What a fun birthday! Love the cape, it turned out super cute!
Laura said…
Oh my goodness, he is too cute! What a fun age. Love the cake too!
CB said…
Very cute cape!!! Love the spiderweb cake. Looks like someone is a very happy 3 year old!
Heather said…
Well done girl! The cape and cake look great!! I think you are little Mrs. Crafty!
Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Keith!!!! Hope 3 is better than 2 (and only gets better from there.
Lourie said…
That cake is wicked awesome! And what a cute boy he is!!

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