Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spidey Skills and Family Photos

Another October come and gone.

*sigh*  I miss it already.

Not that November doesn't have things to look forward to.  Faye's first birthday is coming up, so I have that to prepare for.  But my month of magic is now gone.

Keith played a fabulous SpiderMan.  Peter Parker would be proud.
Especially the way he got that donut off the string.  No hands.  That's my boy!

Faye was going to be a baby.  I know, original, hu?  I just hadn't thought about what to do for her.  Keith suggested she be Tinkerbell or a butterfly.  In the end, Jeffrey's suggestion won.
If you can't read it, her shirt says "Cuteness Vortex."  Jeffrey's idea.  I was awfully excited to try my hand at freezer paper stenciling.  I think it turned out well.  And, I made my first tutu.  It is a humble rendition, but she loved it, and gosh, doesn't she look darling?  I still have to make her a wand.  I have everything for it, just not the time.  Maybe by the time her birthday comes around I will finish it.  Sounds like a good plan to me.

And our family pictures are finally ready!  Our good friends Erin and Dan took them for us.  Dan did a great job getting the kiddos to look and laugh, and Erin took fabulous pictures.  Just see for yourself.


And in case you live in the Northern Utah area and are looking for one fabulous photographer, look no further.  Just click here to see her web page, and be awed by her talent and passion!  :)

P.S. Please excuse the quality of the Halloween photos.  I forgot my camera and so these were taken by my mother.  She forgot the flash!  :)
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