Life According to The Doctor

Last night we had friends come over.

Pizza, talking, laughter, the whole 9 yards.

Something we intend to do at least once a week.

And interestingly enough, the topic was based on Doctor Who nearly the whole evening.  Go figure.  I am a nerd.  We talked about the social behavior of people, relationships, economy, and many other things, all based on the Doctor.

And we were even lucky enough to be graced by the presence of the 15th Doctor!  An uncanny resemblance to the 10th, don't you think?

When isn't Doctor Who applicable to life?  I know, I know, Obsess much?

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Susan Anderson said…
Looks like your little guy is ready for Halloween!

Malinda said…
OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! That is Awesome!! I'll be honest...I love me some Doctor Who...especially that 10th Doctor!
mub said…
Too cute!

I'm impatiently waiting for Doctor Who to start up again, but it won't until Christmas *sniff*
CB said…
What a cute and happy guy!!
Sue McPeak said…
The Doctor is in the house! At least it looks like he's in your house, and ready to perform...???? Anyway, he's a cutie and his practice....for Halloween will probably pay off with lots of loot! Thanks for stopping by my Letter D post on Don't Mess With Texas. Glad you liked my Blog...Thanks!
Laura said…
Hahaha I love it, such a cutie!

Glad you had an awesome night with friends!
aawww...he's so cute! sounds like you had a fun night!
Heather said…
Don't disown me or anything, but i have never seen Doctor Who. I know NOTHING about it. You must educate me....
Familia Morales said…
What or who is Doctor Who? I'm in the dark here. BTW: Keith looks adorable!
Francisca said…
What a cute son you have...! I had to follow your link to the wiki, as I too had never heard of Doctor Who... but don't feel bad, I haven't watched TV in 40 years! Happy D Day!
Lourie said…
What a cutie he is!
Anonymous said…
We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Doctor! We have been watching them on Netflix almost every night!

"Are you my mummy?... Mummy?"
Unknown said…
Sweet pics of your baby!
Thank you for visiting my post for D.
Please return, if you have the time, as I have added another dog!

Best wishes,
Anna's D-word Alphabe-Thurs

My cat, Sara would also like to extend an invitation to visit her blog post for ABC-Wednesday, round /, M:
Sara Cat's abcWED-round-7-M
Aww, I love it! He is going to look great.

I see Doctor Who advertised on BBC America but I've never taken the time to watch it. You are getting me curious!
Jenny said…
What a cute link to Alphabe-Thursday.

I've actually never watched the show but nothing could be as cute as the mini version so I may not bother.

Thanks for the smile and the fun stop this week.

Aw! Your "15th Doctor" is certainly very cute!

Blessings & Aloha!
Trying to make sure I get to the "D" posts...and it is already time for the "E" posts!

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