Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have a love hate relationship with laundry.

I love the smell, the sound, and mostly having clean clothes.

Sometimes I get a little careless, though. 

Sometimes I have to call in recruits.

Faye loves to help me wash dishes.  However, I am not sure her way of cleaning really gets the results I am looking for.  But she gets full points for adorableness. 


Familia Morales said...

Oh yes! Definitely high points for adorableness. She is just so cute!
Is the Old Spice how you get your clothes smelling so good? :)

Susan Anderson said...

Yep, she definitely has the adorable-ness thing down.


Trish said...

Laundry! Oh thanks for reminding me! I still have to empty my dryer from 4 days ago!

Jenny said...

Depressed? Sad? Having a lemon-y week? Visit Involuntary Smiles...and smile involuntarily.

Although it hasn't helped my blog visiting for 10 days I'm still going to put you in my sidebar. I think I need to take you along with my vitamins each day!

Heather said...

OH I can so relate. I think Jon has had to replace his phone twice because I failed to check his pockets.....but apparently he did as well! Oh, I have also washed his wallet twice :0) Good thing the dude never has much cash in there! The photos didn't hold up so well! :0)

Emmy said...

Yes she is so so adorable. Deo in the washer? Interesting idea ;p

Terra said...

she scores mega cute points in my helper book!

Francisca and Chris said...

Faye is so precious, she has your personality and Jeffery's chubby cheeks :)