Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Will Survive

The other day, I learned what stress is.

It all started with the crib.  If you remember, I got it nearly put together on my birthday, I was just missing a few parts.

I finally called a company that sells parts for baby cribs.  I asked if they sold any parts for my crib.  They said they didn't because that company is now out of business due to the massive recalls.


I checked and sure enough, my beautiful newly painted crib was on that list.

Now what?

Stress begins.

My dad and I collaborated a little and figured out a way to make the crib safe.  It took a while, a little trip to the hardware store, and a whole lot of keeping the kids out of the tools.  It was an intense morning.  But now Faye is safe in her new bed!  No more pack n play for my little princess.  No siree bob!
Immediately after the crib was put together I got some of the worst news I have ever received.  Due to a huge mix up, our water was turned off.  I learned this when nature called.  Not a good time to learn the bad news, either.  Thank heavens for hand sanitizer!  I immediately called the utilities company, had a long talk with the nice lady (hi Jen!) and got everything sorted all out.  The water was back on two hours later.

The funny thing is, as soon as I learned it was off, I got an incredible thirst.  Tongue parched, desert growing in my mouth kind of thirst.  It was a long two hours to wait, I tell you what.

After chatting it up with Jen who was incredibly understanding and helpful and kind, I seriously shook for about an hour and a half.  It was not fun.  Sudden drop in the adrenaline or something like that.  Everything is okay now.  It was a huge mistake but is now taken care of.  Man alive, that was the worst thing I have ever dealt with.  So not fun.  Bill problems trump sick babies easily!  (luckily there are no sick babies right now, only teething ones.)

Again, I say, Everything is better now.  I have to keep telling myself because even writing this post is bringing back the stress.  Just remembering it, I have noticed my shoulders creeping up to my ears, as they always do when something is bothering me.  Wowzee, I think my blood pressure was higher than it had ever been before.

I guess it is good to have days like that because they eventually end and we then have the ability to look back on the day and know that we were able to survive something hard.  And I did it.  I survived.  The little snow storm teasers and sweet pumpkin smell probably contributed to the survival.  The good news is there is always something, everyday, that can help the bad days not seem so bad.


Susan Anderson said...

The sweet smell of a pumpkin candle can solve almost anything!

Glad you made it through the day...


Emmy said...

Oh that would be hard. And it really is amazing how not being able to have something makes you want it that much more.. The reason most diets don't work

Noodle said...

My water was turned off all the time due to the road contruction... Hated it... Thank goodness for my water in my food storage saved me more than once... Bummer about the stress with the crib I know many friends that had there cribs recalled...

Trish said...

The crib turned out way cute!

Em said...

Life has been so crazy for us too. I can't seem to catch up with anything! I think our crib may have been recalled too. I'm in denial.

Em said...

And max slept in a pack n play until 3 weeks ago.

Francisca and Chris said...

That was yesterday for me. The day was so hard I think I was 5 mins away from either tears or a nervous break down.