Monday, October 11, 2010

Heater Party

Everything was just right.

We woke up this morning to rumbling thunder. Soon after the rain torrents began. Not just a gradual storm, but water dumping from the sky, like a little kid trying to water a flower bed. Sudden and too much. My bedroom window was open because I love being swaddled by my warm thick blankets and be able to smell the freshness of the night air at the same time. Both kids climbed into our bed and all thoughts of sleep vanished from my mind. But who wants to sleep on a morning like this anyway?
I got up, got everyone dressed and then we had the party.

It was cold enough in the house that the heater could be turned on.

For the first time this year!

So we had a heater party.
We gathered around the hearter in Faye's room, giggled and drank hot cocoa. Keith put his nose down in the stream of hot air and smiled.
“It smells good, Mommy!”

And it did. The hot sweet smell of comfort and love. That is what I associate with the heater smell. It is good that it has a smell. The swamp cooler (who even has one of those anymore?) also evokes good feelings. Popsicles, bike rides, and sunburns. I feel slightly sad my kids will never know my favorite smell of summer (aside from fresh cut grass). But that is a topic for another conversation.


Susan Anderson said...

You are so right about the heater smell. Especially the first time it's turned on for the winter.

Pure comfort.


Veronica said...

I must be a weirdo, I don't like the heater smell. It reminds me of having to be "trapped indoors" during winter and I don't like that!

Though I do love hot chocolate :)

mub said...

We have radiators here which don't give the same effect... the first time I turn them on it just smells like burning dust hahaha!

I love Faye's flower headband. The size makes it extra fabulous!

Andrea said...

I am totally the same way, with both the smell of the heater and the swamp cooler. My husband thinks I'm crazy that I miss the smell (and the sound) of the swamp cooler at our old house.

CB said...

I love your great little heater party with your kids. You are such a fun mom and you are creating wonderful moments!!

Francisca and Chris said...

That is such a CUTE idea! We are doing Halloween night probably tomorrow and will do hot chocolate... it just hasn't felt right w/85 degree temps still.

Hey you still haven't told me who are the witches???

Emmy said...

Oh I love the sound of the heater when it is on, just lulls me to sleep. And you are such a fun amazing mom

Lourie said...

I actually turned my heater on a few mornings ago because it was like 67 in the house. And that is cold even for me. I am always HOT! As for the smell of the heater...well...I am not a fan of it. But I do like the warmth and comfort.

Em said...

My sister and I used to get blankets and fight over who got to sit on the heater to watch a movie. Wed make hot choc and popcorn.