Happy Halloween!!!

What better way to celebrate than with some inmates dancing to Thriller?  And they are really good dancers!  Certainly put me to shame.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of fun and not too spooky.


CB said…
I really think everyone should dance to Thriller - especially on Halloween!!
This is great!
Terra said…
I have so many thoughts in my head...I mean really...to get that many prisoners working together, amazing...and the leader? Shocked he could move a bit! hmmmm...pretty cool
Trish said…
I'm just wondering where the prison is. They all have dark hair, so it could be asian or something. If its American, then I'm thinking..."your tax dollars at work!" Teaching inmates to dance. Well, maybe it helped them feel unified to do it.
Lourie said…
That would be hard to choreograph! Well I mean for everyone to stay in step.
Jenny said…
Super cool!

Witching you a Boo-tiful Halloween, lovely lady!

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