Frankenstein; The Great Teacher

Today was perfect.  I really mean that.  I had a clean house, I learned a whole bunch of things and I even got to work on one of my goals!

Being Monday, we had preschool at my house today.  Blue day.  I love when we ask the kids at the begining what a color is and get responses like "Purple!" and at the end they actually know the correct color.  Awesome.  Pictures will be coming.  The batteries to my camera died, so I am going to have to get them from my friend.  I think she is the official photographer for Preschool.  That is where I generally get the photos anyway.  Oops!  :)

After preschool and lunch, the kids went down for their naps and it began to rain.  I hurried outside, straightened up the patio, and set up my reading nook.  Now I can comfortably get set on my goal to read one book a month.  Isn't that set up just dreamy?  And the book for this month is Frankenstein.  So excited to embark on this journey again!

And then the view from my nook is equally delicious.  When I pause in my book, I love being able to look up and see the tree that is pregnant with apples.  They look so delicious and the colors make me feel whimsical and dizzy with nostalgia of the life I pretend I have.

And today was the perfect day to be reading Frankenstein outside.  The thunder, lightening, thrashing winds all added to the ambiance and romance of the moment.  I have to say, when the rain started pouring down, I did put my book down.  I ran inside, pulled Jeffrey away from his homework, rushed him outside and we had a good snog!  Finally!  Living the dream!  And then I wanted to dance, but he looked around at the neighbor's houses and with an embarrassed smile went back inside.  He doesn't believe in PDA, obviously.  But I did get to kiss in the rain.  And it was everything I thought it would be and more.  Really, I don't understand why kissing in the rain is so magical, but it is!  I wanted to stay in that moment forever.  Maybe one day he wont scare so easily.

See, it was a perfect day!  And the things I learned!  My favorite books are the great classics.  Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, etc.  That whole era just thrills me.  I have noted on so many occasions the ways they spend their days.  They don't vegetate.  The weather doesn't scare them.  They go out and walk the countryside.  They converse one with another.  They improve their minds.  As I was reading and reflecting on these things, I realized just how wasteful television is!  I would rather get the thrill and excitement of learning a story from a book rather than have a shadow of that same story played for me in two hours.  That takes all the joy and discovery out of reading.  The epiphanies cannot be completely and successfully conveyed through acting.  I was surprised at how much I loathed television at that moment.  This is not to say I will never watch television again, but I can confidently say, I will be turning to books to unwind rather than vegging in front of the boob tube.  I am thinking I will be a social watcher.  Like some people are social drinkers.  Same for me just with the television.  I can't wait to see how much richer my mind and life will be if I stay firm in my resolve.
Another thing that stood out to me was the value placed on friendships.  It seems that friendships were not a casual thing back then.  An exerpt taken directly from Shelley's book  “I greatly need a friend who would have sense enough not to despise me as romantic, and affection enough for me to endeavour to regulate my mind.”  Far too often friendships are casually taken for granted.  I have been reflecting on my friendships a lot lately, and have come to the conclusion that I have been very blessed in my choice of friends.  Both virtual, IRL and even family (they are my friends as well).  And now, so as not to continue in that vein of thinking, I want to thank all of my friends for loving me despite my glaring imperfections.  Despite my romanticizm, and despite my foolishness and ignorance.  For trying to help me to regulate my mind, and opening my eyes to see things in a new light.  I feel so blessed and alive because of the people I have surrounded myself with.  Thank you!  You all rock.  Now go out and treat yourself to whatever it is that floats your boat right now.  Chocolate, veggies, books, anything.  It is a gift from me to you.  You can bill me later.


Noodle said…
I loved the storm today!!! I opened up the front door to show Sammy the wonder and joy of the rain... She loved it but it sent her little bladder into a frenze... poor kid had to sprint to the bath room and had an accident on the bathroom floor... It was to funny for me to get upset...=)
Terra said…
um, yeah - perfect days are wonderful. Somehow I am thinking I need a new mindset for today. Civic duty time in my world, showing up for jury duty - hmmmm. Might not make for a perfect day but I am sure I can turn it into something positive if I try, right?
The Thomas' said…
Amy - I got extra pinterest invites when I signed up (creative maven blog)...send me your email to winecm at hotmail dot com and I will add them.
Susan Anderson said…
I agree. Books over TV, every time.

(Well, except for when "So You Think You Can Dance" comes on...)

Veronica said…
So you do preschool in your house, that is neat! How many kiddos participate?

Completely jealous of your reading nook, that is amazing! I love to read and have been out of the habit, but I started up again this summer. I had forgotten how much joy I get from reading.

You are so sweet and I'm thankful to know you and be sharing life with you :)

Now off to get some frozen cookie dough ;)
Heather said…
I'll get the preschool pics up soon.........I'll let you know when they are on FB.

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