Express Yourself.

Little kids are the greatest.  They make up words that somehow, oddly make sense.

Early this morning I heard a door creak open.  When that happens I always wish I were just imagining it.  But always, a little boy comes into our room and begs admission to our cozy bed.  Sometimes we let him in.  This morning I heard Jeffrey groan when Keith came in so I knew what the answer would be. 

I told Keith he needed to go back to his own bed as his daddy didn't feel well.

"But I can't.  My bed is too struggly." he whined.

Instantly the image of a bed with covers twisted up and out of order came to mind.  We went into his room and there they were, just as I had imagined them.

Usually before his nap or bedtime he says "But I can't.  I am to drinky." which actually means he is hungry. When he is thirsty it is "hungry."

I love that he expresses himself in his own way.  Sometimes I think he would have learned Spanish a lot better than English as he puts his adjectives after the noun.  "Mommy!  Look at the car blue!"

And so, today will be full of birthday preparations for one very individual, very special little man.  Baking, wrapping, sewing, cleaning, organizing etc.  Both he and I are so excited for his big day tomorrow!


Susan Anderson said…
Hope he has the greatest day ever!

mub said…
Haha I love the struggly bed! I feel like that sometimes too.
Lourie said…
Happy Birthday to your guy! How old will he be?

I know what you mean about their own little language. Ryan makes up words. Words I can't remember but made up words. He also says: "destructions" for instructions.
That is so sweet! Have fun getting ready for tomorrow! And an early Happy Birthday to him!
CB said…
I started reading this post and I got a deja vu kind of flashback. I SOOOOO Miss those days of little, tiny people creeping in early in the morning. Sweetest thing ever and it is gone before you know it.

Hope he has a wonderful Birthday!
Em said…
I hope Brennan stays in his crib until he goes to college, lol
Emmy said…
Hehe love what he said about hid bed. My kids often don't sleep with blankets, lived in warm places most of their life.
Kaibee said…
Amy I hope and wish that the little man has a great day full of enjoyment and happiness. :) You blog is so cute it makes me want to have a baby of my own! :) :)
Terra said…
my bed is too struggly sometimes too!
Struggly? I likey the new word! I'm glad you got all of the birthday prep done! Hope Keith is having a wonderful day :)

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