Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Confronting Fears

I have been avoiding it.  Really.

At first I was too busy.

Then, the baby was coiming and I had always heard about reverting.  Didn't want to deal with that.

Then we moved.  Living with the inlaws wasn't really conducive, and was a convenient excuse.

Then we moved again.

Then I had to unpack.

Then I had to clean out the carport and patio.

And now I have run out of excuses.

And diapers.

So, rather than buy more diapers, Jeffrey insisted we just buckle down and do the potty training.

I am so ready.

I have salty snacks, sweet drinks, a tinkle doll, a potty, treats for success, and Spiderman undies.

Now, I just have to do it.  Get over my fear and teach the boy.

Except he protests.

"I don't want to be a big boy!"  He says.

"I just want my diapers!"  He stomps his foot.

And again, I am torn.  How convenient would it be to just wait and say "When he is ready."

But he has been ready for a long time.  So I am thinking bribing is going to be my mode of encouragement.

Any tips?


Casualties of potty training.  I have been peed on so many times now, and my floor has been in continuous mop mode.  Wow.  At least I will have a super sparkly clean floor when all is said and done, right?
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