Confronting Fears

I have been avoiding it.  Really.

At first I was too busy.

Then, the baby was coiming and I had always heard about reverting.  Didn't want to deal with that.

Then we moved.  Living with the inlaws wasn't really conducive, and was a convenient excuse.

Then we moved again.

Then I had to unpack.

Then I had to clean out the carport and patio.

And now I have run out of excuses.

And diapers.

So, rather than buy more diapers, Jeffrey insisted we just buckle down and do the potty training.

I am so ready.

I have salty snacks, sweet drinks, a tinkle doll, a potty, treats for success, and Spiderman undies.

Now, I just have to do it.  Get over my fear and teach the boy.

Except he protests.

"I don't want to be a big boy!"  He says.

"I just want my diapers!"  He stomps his foot.

And again, I am torn.  How convenient would it be to just wait and say "When he is ready."

But he has been ready for a long time.  So I am thinking bribing is going to be my mode of encouragement.

Any tips?


Casualties of potty training.  I have been peed on so many times now, and my floor has been in continuous mop mode.  Wow.  At least I will have a super sparkly clean floor when all is said and done, right?


Terra said…
Oh man, no tips sounds like you are heading down the right track...I am a big fan of the salty snacks and soda pop gig to promote frequent peeing while training - I am also a huge fan of "cold turkey" just hit it, and clean it till they miss no more!!!
*Jess* said…
with my daughter, I decided she showed signs of readiness, so I took the challenge head on. A total disaster! She ended up pottying on her own 4 months later.

With my son, I was going to take the "when he's ready approach". Except that he was never ready. His preschool teacher potty trained him when he was 4. He's still in diapers at night (he does have autism which is probably the reason he's delayed here).

So I don't know what you should do! Good luck!
Susan Anderson said…
How old is he, Amy? I waited until my first son was 2 1/2, and the potty training was hardest with him. With the other three, I waited until two years and 9 months, and they were easy. Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows. But if I ever had more (which thankfully is not possible at this point), I would probably go the 2 years and 9 months route.

But if YOU are ready, go for it!

Familia Morales said…
Good luck Amy! I wish you had more excuses to keep putting off the potty-training. The only tip I can give you is baking soda. Soak up the messes with a towel and then sprinkle baking soda on it. It will crystalize and pull out the rest of the mess from the carpet, you vacuum it up, and the baking soda deodorizes.
We are going through the same. Although, this time it is much harder. With my oldest, I blocked out weeks of our schedule to stay home or close to home and potty train. Now that my oldest has school, soccer and gymnastics, it seems like we are always on the go. It is much more difficult when I am switching Chloe from panties to diapers. With Aiyana when it was time, we simply did not put diapers on her besides at night to sleep.

Good luck, I always recommend the DVD Potty Power. It is kind of cheesy, but the kids love it.
Heather said…
good luck. i am so not looking forward to potty training! i wish i could tell jon, "you teach the boys, i'll teach the girls!" alas, that wont work :0(
CB said…
Oh boy! I really really hated potty training and always wished I could pay to send them to "Potty Training Camp" or something.
The one thing I did learn with 5 kids though is that it really is kinda like beating a dead horse until they are ready. And they are all ready at different ages.
Once they are ready they were trained in 3 days - Yep, every single one.
So that is my tip. (It may not be the one your husband likes. Sorry)
CB said…
P.S. Something that really helps boys get ready is talking about it... ALOT! Going the the bathroom with dad and putting an arrow in the bottom of the toilet and showing them how it will be a game when they decide to go.
Emmy said…
This was after Lucas was mostly potty trained and was about to give up diapers at night, but we had a no diaper party. I even made a clock with a picture of a clock and it said "it's time to say goodbye to diapers". I told him I would make this cake and we could have this party when he was ready. Two days after I told him about that he was ready to try.
Lourie said…
I did the best with my son. After about 2 or 3 days of puddles, the first being the worst he was able to go longer stretches. You can do it. And so can he! And in the mean time...your floors will be really clean! Hang in there!
Noodle said…
The frist few days of entense potty traing are the worse!!! But each day it gets a little better... The hardest part is staying calm (at least for me) Once you figure out his natural potty cycle it goes a little smoother... Sammy needs to pee between every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours... Depending on how much she has taken in... So I try and have her try about every 1 1/2 if she tells me she doesn't need to go I tell her thats ok but next time I ask her to go the she really needs to... 10 min latter we go to the potty and 9 times out of 10 it works... We also watch Elmo's Potty Time like 4+ times a day... If she tells me her Tummy hurts we sit in the potty... (aparently thats how she knows when her bladder is full or needs to do a yucka) I also use any thing or everything that she wants to do as a reward... Oh you want to watch a cartoon you need to go pee frist.. You want to go on a walk you need to sit on the potty and try to pee frist... You want me to refill you sippy k but you need to go potty then I'll refill you milk... ect ect ect... Not sure if any of this helps.. I know your pain my poor carpet cleaner was going non stop for a week I swear... But honestly the best thing for sammy was having accidents and not liking the wet going down her legs... So as bad as the messes are just look at each one as a leason of cause and effect for him... eventually he will put everything together and figure out that he wants to be a big boy... good luck!!!
tinahead81 said…
i don't think i really have any tips--i STILL don't have david potty trained yet! he's not speaking(therapy starting next week) he gets frustrated(and so do i) right now, i'll just ask him if he wants to go a few times a day...most times he just shakes his head "no"! i'm all about the bribing though!! we have a big bowl of m&m's and he knows if he goes he gets one! lol

i'm going to talk to his therapist next week to see if she has any advice....i'm not sure that my goal of "potty trained by christmas" will be met :o/

good luck!!!
I went to Dollar Tree and got a big poster board and a booklet of like 700 stickers. I put on the poster board: "Harmon Go Potty" and every time he goes PP he gets 1 sticker and poo poo he gets 2 stickers. He wears pull ups b/c I can't deal w/pee everywhere while trying to get work done and twins but it seems to work... all right. It will take us a while but considering Harm is special needs I figured whatever method we did would be a long long process. GL!!! HTH!
Em said…
Hahahahaha!!!! I can completely relate to your fear!!! I am in the same boat. Exactly. Except I'm not "there" yet.
Veronica said…
Girl, I am right there with you!

The only way Alex does well with the potty is if he is naked from the waist down! Any type of underwear and he goes in his pants.

Which is pretty much no big deal if it's pee. But so incredibly frustrating when it's poop.

Good luck!

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