BOO! The Sequel

Remember my Boo sign?  I had a few requests for a tutorial, which surprised me, because I really didn't do a whole lot to make it.  But since I love a good tutorial (no promises that this one is good) I decided to oblige.

I have a few scraps of wood I have been saving.  I took one outside and spray painted it.  First this brilliant color of orange, and then the sides and back in a dusky black.
I learned that spray paint eats through Styrofoam.  Oops!  I probably shouldn't be using either, though as they are both horrible for the environment. 
Now I am feeling all guilty. 

At the same time I painted a chipboard letter B with the lovely orange.

Also, I learned that melted styrofoam likes to fuse to wood. 
I sanded down the melted mess and mod podged on some scrap paper leftover from my last sign and mod podged the B.
Once that had dried I thought distressing the B would look nice.  I rubbed the edges with my ink pad.  Evidently mod podge and ink are super friends.  A lot more ink got on the B and despite my best efforts, it was beyond hope.  I decided to try again.
While I was waiting for the paint and mod podge to dry, I glued the googly eyes and a spider on.
Pause for a little moral support

Back to work.

I cut the backs off some spider rings and glued them randomly around the Boo.  I also glued a ribbon around the edges of the block of wood.
I didn't want to add a bow again, as that is a little too sissy for Halloween.  So I tried it with just the spider.  It wasn't working for me. 
As I was putting Faye down for her nap and changing a few accidents, I had a stroke of brilliance.  (Humor me, okay?) I cut off a bunch of different lengths of ribbon and glued that on top of the wood, then glued the spider back in place.
Done and done!

Now, you can make your own!  or, if you are lazy and lucky, you can just try to win this one.

And now, for the grand giveaway!  I am going to give this Boo sign to a random reader.  Guess what, you don't even have to follow me!  (I hate giveaways with strings attached.)  I would, however love to hear your favorite Halloween or Fall traditions.  I will leave this giveaway open until Friday night.  Good luck!  And if you don't want to win the sign, please share your traditions with me anyway.  :) 


Susan Anderson said…
I totally want to win the sign. It is SO CUTE.

My favorite fall tradition is collecting all different colors of leaves from my neighborhood and placing them all over my house...mostly on the hearth, but also on various tables. I always have fun taking the "cool leaf discovery walk" where I find them!

Noodle said…
Love the tutorial... I've been thinking of doing some on my blog but then I get lazy... Your boo sign is super cute!!!... I love the spider web its a super nice touch... I love bakeing cookies while waiting for it to get late enough to go trick or treating... My mom always told us that we could not go out until we saw at least 3 other familys out... Or we would have headed out at 3:30 as soon as we got home from school and dressed... So we made cookies while we waited, and avidly watched out the window counting trick or treaters!!! With the trunk or treats now a days it kinda takes the fun out of it!!
I so did this the other day w/some of my friends and it SOOOO did not look like your :p Modge Podge and I DO NOT get along. Oh well, what can you do? Your's is lovely darling. I would say enter me but postage would be bad so hopefully someone close by wins it.

My favorite Halloween tradition is watching "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" while eating a pumpkin desert and sipping hot chocolate.
CB said…
Love the sign - You do great work!
CB said…
Our tradition is that I throw and Halloween Dinner every year with eerie and scary food and drinks - it Rocks! And my kids look forward to it.
*Jess* said…
hmmm... favorite Halloween traditions? Probably going trunk-or-treating at our church and attending their Fall festival!
Emmy said…
Oh I want to win! Growing up we would always go out to this forest that had maple trees and watch them get maple from the trees, so fun!
Em said…
SPOOKILY darling.

Favorite fall tradition: putting up my halloween decor and burning my pumpkin roll wax. Also, baking pumpkin choc chip cookies:-)
Em said…
P.s. I want to win;-)
That is so cute! You are very clever!
Halloween traditions...very traditional--give out candy, go door to door for candy. I like to roast pumpkin seeds in the oven while carving the pumpkin itself.
Malinda said…
One of the things I look forward to every fall, is my Aunt and Uncle's barn dance! They throw one usually around Thanksgiving and it's always amazing!! That and our neighbor's Halloween party! I love fall!
Lourie said…
An easy and fast dinner on hot dogs or chili. And paper plates if you can. That way you can get to the important stuff. Trick or Treat time!!
Mare said…
I think the prize should go to your favorite older sister. During the Halloween season, we remember a certain favorite aunt who used to live with us (on 2 occasions) and who (I'm sure) received all of her crafty spider inspiration while dwelling with the spiders in our basements. That's when we celebrate her birthday. :)
Mare said…
Oh, our tradition is to carve pumpkins and then eat them for the rest of the year. And to go to an un-named village for day time trick or treating with the whole fam.
Mare said…
How could I forget - Bloody Stump. Doesn't that sum it all up in two words?
Lara Neves said…
I LOVE your Boo sign! It turned out so adorable!

Our favorite Halloween/Fall traditions are decorating the house, making and frosting Halloween cookies together, going to the pumpkin patch and of course, Trick-or-treating!
Veronica said…
Loved the tutorial!!!!
Trish said…
Wow, how cute! I just love the cleverness about what you can do with a scrap of wood and some glue and some fabric! Way to go girl!

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