Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Week

Best. Day. Ever.

Yesterday was my birthday.  My last year in the twenties.  And it is going to be awesome, I so declare.

I had the very best birthday I can remember.  I mean, I am sure my first was pretty awesome, and some of the others while I was little.  They were probably pretty awesome, but yesterday.  Rockin' hot.

My parents came by and helped me finish painting Faye's crib.  Sadly we are missing a few parts, so it can't be lived in yet.  But it is painted, and beautiful!

And then Jeffrey gave me a power sander.  Woot!  Exactly what I have been wanting for a while.  Now all I need is a circle saw.  Christmas maybe?

Holy smokes, I fell asleep grinning ear to ear.

And woke up smelling something foul.  Faye had sick all over herself.  Dinner was not her friend last night, or so it seemed.  I gave her a bath and did what I could to make her comfy and happy.

And then Keith started saying he was going to be sick.  Kept running to the bathroom.  I thought he just wanted attention.  And then he was sick for real.

Both kids are sick, and all thoughts of winterizing my yard (as was my plan for today) has gone out the window.

Unfortunately, since I am the picture taker, no photos of the big day.

Which is why this post began with a great photo of Keith, in all his poser glory. 
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