Batteries Not Included

It is easy to feel run down and like your batteries just ran out and need to be changed.
Keith waiting for me to change his batteries.
If only it were that easy.

Lucky for me, Keith is the fix it man.  His batteries need changing quite often, and in return he asks if I want mine changed.   Unfortunately, I am not the Energizer Bunny.  A change of batteries will not fix me.

Fortunately, I have these little faces that are the equivalent.

Now, don't you feel energized?


Terra said…
um, honestly? no. Having a sleepy day and your adorable little ones just weren't enough today!!! But I am certain they can recharge you!
Gail said…
I wish we could buy bottled kids energy from somewhere! They have so much and usually at times when I have so little!!

Gorgeous photos!
Susan Anderson said…
Isn't it amazing how they just keep going? I remember being like that, once.

I miss it!

I wish I could just "change my batteries". Keith is so cute. He could definitely work on one of my construction sites ;) Faye is getting quite a bit of bushy brown hair! I think she is going to definitely need to be locked away from boys 15 yrs from now.
Lourie said…
My son's energy is endless. I don't remember ever having so much steam. Hahaha.
Jenny said…
I don't know if I feel energized. I feel more annoyed with my kids that none of them are giving me more GRANDS...darn them.

Your kids. Ahhhh.... They make my heart smile.
Veronica said…
Your kiddos are absolutely adorable! And the smile their pictures just put on my face was a definite boost in the batter recharge department :)

We had a set of those goggles and the power tool in yellow when Brianna was 2 or three. She wore those goggles all the time. Brings back memories :)

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